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This individual was the commander of Havoc Squad during the Cold War.

Promoted swiftly from Sergeant to Lieutenant after the defection of all other Havoc squad members, this trooper was tasked by General Garza to both hunt down and bring down the traitors, and rebuild the Republic's most renowned, and decorated special forces squad.


Early Career

The Commander was ranked first in the Academy of Forward Assault, Search and Destroy, and Advanced Reccon becoming a talented soldier and combat leader, during the Cold War with the Sith Empire. The soon-to-be Commander served early tours in the Outer Rim and, while still as a sergeant, was transferred to Ord Mantell during its civil war to join the Republic's most decorated special forces unit, Havoc Squad.

Ord Mantell Civil War

New Squad member

Upon the planet's orbit arrival, the starship carrying the Sergeant, passed through an ongoing space battle and was punished by the Separatist fleet's fire being able to land safely in Ord Mantell nonetheless, with the future Commander and a group of Republic troopers setting foot in Mantellian ground. Right after the landing, the Sergeant entered an All Personnel Carrier which departed to a Republic outpost called Fort Garnik, taking the Sergeant to his respective unit in the front lines. Inside the APC, Lieutenant Bex Kolos, also known as Gearbox , a member of Havoc Squad, introduced himself and briefed the Sergeant in their objective which was to recover a powerful bomb that was stolen by the Separatists near Drelliad Village, after shooting down the Republic ship that was carrying it.

Suddenly the APC, carrying the Sergeant, Gearbox and others, was shot down by two Armor-piercing Missiles, coming from the village before they could arrive to Fort Garnik, suffering several casualties including the driver. Gearbox assigned the Seargeant to disable the missile launchers in the village while he would reorganize the Republic troopers who survived the crash, preparing them to move out and also to try to fix the Walker. The Sergeant complied and reached the village. There he met with Sergeant Blyes and his men, who were under fire during the ongoing battle for that place. Blyes asked the Sergeant to take out the Separatist jammers which were blocking their communications. A task the Sergeant accepted and succeeded in. The Sergeant then proceeded to eliminate several more Separatists and successfully destroying the missile launchers. Afterwards, Gearbox contacted the Sergeant, congratulating the subordiante for the mission's success and telling the Sergeant to reach Fort Garnik on foot while he would keep the repairs on the APC.

Upon arrival to the Republic base, the Sergeant was welcomed by Sergeant Jaynes. Afterwards, the Sergeant entered the barracks where he was approached by a private named Farn, who introduced himself telling the sergeant that it was an honor to meet a member of the legendary Havoc Squad. The Sergeant then finally regrouped with Havoc Squad, which received the new blood fairly well. The squad's leader, the famous Commander Tavus then proceeded to introduce the more veteran squad members: the second-in-command, Captain Zora; the explosives expert, Lieutenant Vanto Bazren and the combat medic, Lieutenant Ryler Dorant.

Commander Tavus started debriefing Havoc Squad on the mission previously mentioned by Gearbox, to recover a crashed ZR-57 orbital strike bomb in the region of Avilatan, considering that the weapon was capable of vaporizing an entire island and also stating that the Republic had sent a recovery team but by the time they arrived, the bomb had already been stolen by the Separatists. Tavus then assigned the Sergeant to obtain information about the possible bomb's location from the Republic spy Bellis, who was waiting to report in the town of Talloran.

Before the Sergeant could go on with the mission, Tavus lastly introduced Lieutenant Aric Jorgan, from the Republic's Ord Mantell Infantry Command, who would oversee the Sergeant's progress in the mission, providing intel when necessary. Jorgan also made it clear that he was in charge and his orders were to follow without question. When the Sergeant reached the "hot" meeting spot in Talloran, the Sergeant found Bellis dead and immediatly contacted Jorgan, who told the Sergeant to acquire Bellis' field box, which would contain the info that the spy was trying to reveal before his death.

The Sergeant entered Bellis' house in Talloran, to recover his field box but was approached by Bellis' wife, Lin, who at first tried to disguise her husband's profession, considering she didn't even knew that he had been killed. The Sergeant revealed his death and Lin, outraged by the fact that he died while in the service, told the Sergeant to leave the house without hearing the Sergeant's request. At last, but still outraged with the Republic for letting her husband die, she accepted to give Bellis' field box to the Sergeant.

The Sergeant returned to Fort Garnik and gave Bellis' field box to Jorgan, who then told the Sergeant to talk to Bazren. Bazreb assigned the Sergeant with a new task, telling the Sergeant that a mysterious informant called Mirru, had come to the Republic base informing the officers that he knew of a separatist bombing that was planned to happen in that very single day. The Republic forces however initally refused to believe him and kicked him out, but thereafter they decided that they should send someone to talk to Mirru, just to verify it. And that was the Sergeant's new mission. A few moments after, the Sergeant met with Mirru in the Refugee Camp, just outside Fort Garnik. The informant was skeptical at first, but then the Sergeant conviced him and he revealed that the Separatists were preparing to use several bombs in an ambush along the road. Jorgan, who overheard the conversation through a holocomm, immediatly assigned the Sergeant to disarm the bombs, as a Republic convoy was preparing to move along that road in the Avilatan Badlands.

After concluding his mission and returning to the Barracks, the Sergeant was intercepted by private Farn once again, who told the superior that most soldiers in the base were corrupt, and he could only trust the promising Sergeant, revealing that his CO, Lieutenant Virk, was scamming everyone under his command. The Sergeant accepted to help him, saying that as a Havoc Squad member, the Sergeant could report to higher authorities, alerting them to Virk's ongoing scam and corruption. The Sergeant then met with Tavus, who congratulated the promising trooper for succesfully ending the ambush and saving the Republic convoy. Lieutenant Jorgan then approached and told the Sergeant that he had deciphered Bellis' field box which revealed the bomb's location, as expected. The Separatists were keeping the bomb in their outpost on the island of Mannett Point, so the Sergeant was assigned to retrieve it after regrouping with Zora, also alerted for the possibility that the Sith Empire may have been supplying the Separatists with advanced weaponry. Before leaving, the Sergeant informed Tavus and Jorgan about Virk's corruption and they agreed to investigate it furthermore.

Progress in Ord Mantell

Upon arrival to the Separatist outpost on Mannett Point and after slaying several Separatists, the Sergeant met with Wraith — Zora's code name — and she assigned him to destroy the Outpost's generator while she would take care of the Force field that was preventing them from acquiring the bomb. The Sergeant succeeded in destroying the generator and then encountered several wounded Separatists, including Jex and Grannin, who begged for mercy. The Sergeant decided to let them go with the condition that they would not fight anymore. Afterwards the Sergeant regrouped with Wraith, who had by then, disabled the force field, and both entered the room where the stolen bomb was supposedly being kept. There they encountered an unprepared Separatist officer, Dalern, who still refused to surrender to the Republic's will, although the Sergeant was able to convince him to cooperate shortly after. Both Republic soldiers then discovered that the bomb had been moved to a different place so Wraith proceeded to execute Dalern assigning the Sergeant to find more useful Separatist officers who could reveal the bomb's location.

While searching the base for more officers, the Sergeant eventually encountered a room where three high-ranking Separatist were meeting. One of those officers, Saphrro, ordered another, Vyru, to attack the Republic trooper. Vyru was however killed, being followed in death by his two partners, Saphrro and a third officer, Bol. The Sergeant, without any success on locating the bomb, retreated to Fort Garnik, informing Needles — Ryler Dorant's code name — about the mission's result. Even though the Sergeant hadn't been successful in retrieving the bomb nor its location, Needles told the Sergeant that the mission had been a success because four separatist officers had been killed, crippling the Separatist's presence in the area.

Needles then assigned the Sergeant for yet another mission, telling him about a man named Zak from Oradam village, that had been in the Republic's outpost, requesting for medical supplies due to his radiation illness. The Republic officers then determined that he had been poisoned by their own ZR-57 bomb's radiation. With this discovery, the Commando Sergeant was ordered to retrieve information from the crippled Zak, who could reveal where the bomb was being kept. The Sergeant complied and met with Zak and his wife, Jaller, and questioned them about the bomb's location in exchange for medical supplies, which would help curing both Zak and Jaller. The couple revealed themselves to be Separatists but accepted nonetheless to give away the location.

Now finally with the bomb's location, the Sergeant was called to regroup with the rest of Havoc Squad in Fort Garnik's barracks. While entering the barracks the Sergeant was intercepted by the corrupt Virk who threatened him due to the investigation the Commando had issued on him. Afterwards, the Sergeant proceeded to Havoc's rendezvous spot but was only met by Jorgan, who revealed that Commander Tavus had taken Havoc Squad to recover the bomb but deciding to keep the Sergeant out of it. Jorgan was then informed by a technician that they had lost all communications with Havoc Squad. Jorgan, shocked by this event, decided to assign the Sergeant to continue with his Squad's assignment and locating it afterwards, disregarding Tavus' command.

The Sergeant was able to locate the bomb in another Separatist Base and finally disabled it, though Havoc Squad was still nowhere to be found. The Republic Commando had however found another troubling discovery, noticing that some of the opponent forces who stood protecting the base, were actually Imperial soldiers, revealing the Sith Empire's affiliation with the Separatists.

The Sergeant then reached an hangar, finding that the rest of Havoc Squad was very much alive. Wraith attempted to kill the Sergeant but was stopped by Tavus who then revealed to the Sergeant that Havoc was going to desert the Republic for the Sith Empire, as the last seemed to value more soldiers than the former. The Sergeant still attempted to redeem Havoc Squad, but to no avail. As Tavus continued to explain, Havoc felt betrayed after the Senate chose to abandon them on Ando Prime. Tavus then ordered the Imperial Colonel Vorr and his Imperials to attack the Sergeant, who was able to defeat his opponents regardless. However, the time the Sergeant took to defeat the Imperials, had been enough for the treacherous Havoc Squad to escape in a Shuttle, taking the supposedly neutralized bomb with them to present it as a gift to the Empire.

Upon returning, the Sergeant learned that Republic Command was well aware of Tavus' betrayal after witnessing the events through the Sergeant's armor camera. They then demoted Jorgan to sergeant as a scapegoat while promoting the Sergeant to lieutenant and new Havoc CO.

Joined by Jorgan, the CO journeyed to Coruscant to be placed under General Garza's command, and learn that Tavus had led hundreds of Republic Special Forces to defect to Empire. The only advantage the Republic has is Havoc, as Tavus presumes the CO to have died. Though Jorgan was all for going out to hunt down Tavus and his followers, Garza stressed that they must first take out the traitors' underworld contacts on Coruscant. In the midst of performing these missions, as well as questionable directives from Garza, the CO was summoned to a Senate hearing regarding Havoc's defection.

Afterwards, Garza confirmed the reappearance of Jek Kardan, Havoc's founder and Tavus' mentor, and stressed the need to bring him in alive. Havoc eventually tracked Kardan to The Works, where he was guarding a transmitter connecting all the Havoc traitors. Havoc managed to destroy the transmitter and convinced Kardan to help bring in his comrades.

Behind the scenes

This article represents the character story of the Republic trooper player class in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game developed by BioWare and released on December 20, 2011. As a result of being player determined, no canonical description of this individual is currently available; therefore, the article presents the subject's gender as neutral.

The male Trooper is voiced by Brian Bloom and the female Trooper is voiced by the prolific voice actress of many Star Wars characters, including Bastila Shan, Satele Shan, and the female Jaden Korr, Jennifer Hale.


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