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Meteor shower

A meteor shower bearing down on Rishi Station

"You wanted excitement, Hevy."
"Right. Oo-ooh, meteor shower."
Clone troopers Cutup and Hevy — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Meteor showers or meteor storms were common celestial events in which small fragments of cosmic debris entered a planetary atmosphere. Those fragments which resisted vaporization and reached the surface were known as meteorites.


Meteor strike

Meteors from a shower strike the surface of Rishi moon.

The jungle planet of Borleias was known to undergo particularly violent meteor showers. Tasari legend told of a monumental meteor shower that created the Deadbelt.[1]

While stationed on the remote Rishi listening post, the clone troopers detected an incoming meteor shower and raised the defensive shields. Hidden among the interstellar debris were multiple pod hunters occupied by BX-series droid commandos.[2]

Imperial propaganda proclaimed that the destruction of Tantive IV resulted from a critical failure of the shift shields during a meteor storm.

A common espionage tactic involved concealing starships within a mass of meteors. In 8 ABY, the crew of Mon Remonda diverted a series of asteroids to create a meteor shower over Saffalore which provided cover for Wraith Squadron's subsequent raid.[3]


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