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Mett Habble was a male Human who served as lesser noble on Naboo during the Invasion of Naboo.


In 32 BBY, Habble belonged to a lower nobility and became the leader of the Naboo Underground during the invasion by the Trade Federation. Habble also acted as a secret undercover agent to Governor Sio Bibble and therefore wore non-military Security Guard uniforms.[1]

Later in 22 BBY, the final year of the Separatist Crisis and the beginning of the Clone Wars, Habble traveled to Coruscant to escort Senator Padmé Amidala when she wanted to vote on the Military Creation Act. However, he was later killed when Senator Amidala's J-type diplomatic barge exploded during the plot to assassinate Senator Amidala. The person responsible for the assassination attempt was the Bounty hunter Zam Wesell.[2]

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Shootout with Rodian and Gran pirates

Habble is introduced to the heroes of Peril on Naboo in a shootout with Rodian and Gran pirates occurring deep in the swamps of Naboo. An image included in the adventure erroneously depicts Mett having the firefight among buildings and paved streets, instead.[1]



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