The Metta Drop was a sudden drop in the Boonta Eve Classic terrain used by Podracers on the planet Tatooine.

During a Podrace in 32 BBY, the Dug contender of the Mos Espa Raceway Sebulba attempted to take fellow racers Rimkar and Anakin Skywalker out of the race by slamming them into the cliff face with his racer's engines during their drop. Caught by surprise, Rimkar automatically jammed his thrusters forward, resulting in a collision with the mountain. Anakin, on the other hand, managed to avoid the crash by instinctively pulling out of the descent and narrowly colliding with Sebulba.

Not long after this incident, in the Boonta Eve Classic, Anakin Skywalker managed to get by the sneaky Gasgano and move up to the fourth place, behind Teemto Pagalies, at the Metta Drop.

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