"The Vanqors are greedy and ruthless. If they have something to teach us, I have no desire to learn it ... I am beginning to wonder who the traitor is here!"
―Mezdec to Thik, his TY44 surveillance outpost comrade.[src]

Mezdec was a Human male spy during the Separatist Crisis who sent strategic information on Typha-Dor to the planet Vanqor while posing as a communications officer working for the Typha-Dor resistance at a surveillance outpost on the moon TY44.

Mezdec, the husband of TY44 outpost crew leader Shalini, stole from Shalini's utility belt a disk containing the planet Vanqor's invasion plans for Typha-Dor. Mezdec then created another disk with falsified invasion plans that he delivered to the Typha-Dor High General Bycha, who accepted the information as authentic and reliable—upon which the planet's military leadership based what it believed would be a surprise preemptive strike against the invaders.

After being exposed for his espionage activity in front of the Typha-Dor High Council by the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker, Mezdec was placed under arrest by order of General Bycha.



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