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Captain Miara Larte was a human female, the younger sister of Kaeden Larte. After participating in the uprising on Raada in the early reign of the Galactic Empire, she became an A-wing pilot, then an X-wing pilot, and later joined the Alderaanian consular security, a branch of the Rebel Alliance military. She had a talent for making locks and explosives.


Miara and her family moved to the remote Outer Rim moon of Raada when she was very young. She was three years younger than her older sister, Kaeden. When Miara was eleven and Kaeden was fourteen, their parents were killed in a farming accident. Kaeden, although not yet a legal adult, became Miara's guardian. Vartan, the leader of the work crew Miara and Kaeden's parents had been on, hired Kaeden as a gesture of kindness so the girls had some income. By the time Miara was fourteen, in 18 BBY, she was also working on the crew, even though she was technically too young. Vartan gave her lighter hours, due to her age. That year, Miara and Kaeden befriended "Ashla", a Togruta woman close in age to Kaeden who had recently come to Raada and set herself up as a mechanic. Miara, on Kaeden's request, installed a lock with an explosive security feature on Ashla's door. Unbeknownst to the sisters, "Ashla" was actually the former Jedi Padawan and Order 66 survivor Ahsoka Tano, who had come to the moon running from the Galactic Empire. Several weeks after Ashla's arrival, a Star Destroyer arrived at Raada with a garrison, as part of an Imperial plan to utilize the moon's farmland to grow a crop that leeched nutrients from the soil. Tano began covertly organizing a resistance, and Miara, due to her talent for bomb-making, was swiftly included. However, the farmer Hoban, another member of Vartan's work crew, chafing at what he saw as "Ashla"'s excessive caution, secretly organized another resistance group under her nose, and included both of the Larte sisters.[1]

Tano had planned a quiet strike against the Imperial garrison, to sneak in and plant acid bombs that would destroy the legs of the garrison's walkers. Hoban, however, had secretly planned an attack on the garrison that same night, involving himself, Kaeden and his sister Neera, intending to use the sabotage mission to keep "Ashla" occupied elsewhere. Miara was with Tano and Kolvin, planting the acid bombs, when Tano discovered powerful explosives in her bag, which she had built at Hoban's request. Tano forced Miara to come clean about Hoban's plans, and sent Miara to Selda's cantina while she tried to rescue the farmers. In the futile attack, Hoban was killed, and Tano exposed herself as a Force-user. The Larte sisters, Kolvin, and the traumatized Neera were forced to hide in the caves outside of town that Tano had been preparing. Miara was shocked at "Ashla"'s deception, but not as much as Kaeden, who, furious, made the mistake of returning to town, getting arrested by Imperial forces outside Vartan's house. Tano was forced to go rescue Kaeden, before having to leave Raada, promising to return.[1]

For many weeks, Miara, Kaeden, Neera and Kolvin lived in the caves, passing their time with games of crokin. During this time, an Inquisitor, the Sixth Brother, came to Raada looking for Tano. He located the rebels' hideout, and demanded Kaeden surrender herself. The rebels prepared to ambush him, but Miara, on Kaeden's request, was stunned by Neera so she couldn't come along. She awoke to find her sister missing and Neera and Kolvin dead, slaughtered by the Inquisitor. When Tano returned to Raada shortly thereafter, she found Miara camping a few hours' walk out of town, and Miara told her what had happened. Tano, before rescuing Kaeden, sent Miara to Selda and Vartan to inform them of the arrangements in place for the evacuation of the people of Raada, made with the help of Bail Organa. Miara and Kaeden were evacuated on the Tantive IV, which was the last ship to leave. Miara was fascinated by the rebel pilots, and expressed interest in fighting for the rebellion once she was old enough.[1]

Medal ceremony Yavin 4

Miara was among those who attended the medal ceremony following the Battle of Yavin

Initially, Miara, Kaeden and the other Raadan refugees were settled in refugee camps on Alderaan. She received pilot training, and eventually became a rebel pilot, a process made easier by the heavy losses the rebellion sustained in those early, less-organized days. In 9 BBY, she was promoted to captain at a ceremony where Queen Breha Organa, Viceroy Bail and Princess Leia were present. Shortly thereafter, she received her first mission from Fulcrum, who Miara instantly recognized as Tano from the symbol. Knowing she had to keep it a secret, she chose her words carefully when she told Kaeden about it. Miara eventually came to serve in the Alderaanian consular security, and regarded the planet as her second home. In 0 ABY, she and her crew were present at the Great Temple on Yavin 4 for the medal ceremony honouring the heroes of the Battle of Yavin.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Miara was a friendly young woman, but initially had some distrust for "Ashla", sensing that she was hiding something. She was also somewhat naïve, despite her considerable talents for building explosives, and was traumatized after Neera and Kolvin's deaths.[1] Over the course of her years serving the rebellion, she gained considerable experience as a starfighter pilot, and adopted Alderaan as a second home. The Disaster left her in mourning, as it did her subordinates who were mostly born on Alderaan. She faced criticism from some native-born Alderaanians for this because she wasn't born there. However, Miara did not let this stop her from being a comforting figure to her crew, as she had already experienced the loss of her previous home, Raada. After spending so much of her life in starships, Miara enjoyed breathing real air whenever she had the chance.[2]

Miara had brown skin of a medium shade, like her sister. Also like Kaeden, she had curly hair, but unlike her sister she had no talent for braiding it, so she wore it loose.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Miara Larte first appeared in the novel Ahsoka, written by E. K. Johnston, which was published in 2016.[1]


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