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*''[[Star Wars Insider 101]]''
*''[[Star Wars Insider 101]]''
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This article is about the Cathar. You may be looking for the Jedi Micah Giiett.
"Whoop! You see that pop? How's that for flyin'?"
―Micah to Nat Skywalker[src]

Micah was the Cathar adoptive child of Nat Skywalker, then going by the alias "Bantha" Rawk, and Droo, and the step-sibling of Ahnah and Skeeto, who lived during the time of the Anti-Sith Insurgency. Micah had cybernetic legs, built by Nat himself.


Micah was once a slave. But he was saved by "Bantha Rawk", also known as Nat Skywalker. However, he lost his legs in the attempt. Nat's wife, Droo healed him as best as she could but his legs had to be replaced by cybernetic ones.

Micah fought with his family in defending the Nest from Black Sun invaders. He tricked one swoopie into a wall with impressive piloting skills, possibly a nod to his foster ancesstor, Anakin Skywalker or an implyment he could be Force-Sensitive. His family was also assisted by the Mynock, piloted by Cade Skywalker, Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue.

Four days later, Micah and his family are enjoying a day in the pool, playing ball. His family later watched the holonews about the Massacre on Mon Calamari. It was then that Cade revealed that he was a Skywalker.

Behind the scenes

Jan Duursema once refered to Micah as "Micah Skywalker" on message boards.[1] However, that name to date wasn't mention in any canonical source and, given that fact that Micah wasn't aware of his adoptive father's heritage, remains speculative.



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