"If you like this piece, there's plenty more Kogge greatness to explore. He writes terrific stuff for the Star Wars Insider, [and] his Roman sword-and-sandal epic Empire of the Wolf is coming from Alterna Comics this month […]"
Jason Fry, The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut, Part 3 - "Xim the Despot"[src]

Michael Kogge is an American screenwriter and author who has written for several Star Wars projects, including the Star Wars Adventure Journal, Star Wars Gamer magazine, Hyperspace, Star Wars Insider magazine, and the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire roleplaying game. He has also authored a series of Star Wars Rebels chapter books, adapting episodes from the series' first season. He served as Head Writer for the groundbreaking AR (augmented reality) video game Star Wars: Jedi Challenges.


Michael Kogge writes for the Star Wars Insider in addition to having penned material for Topps, West End Games, Fantasy Flight Games, the Star Wars Adventure Journal, Wizards of the Coast, and Star Wars Gamer.

He scripted the four-part web series The Despotica for Hyperspace's "Xim Week" in 2009. The fifth part of the series, "The Gleam of Kiirium," a poem he wrote for The Essential Guide to Warfare, was published in 2013 on The Official Star Wars Blog.

In "The Business of Bacta," he created the planet of Thyferra and the background for bacta.

His original comic series published by Alterna Comics, the Roman epic Empire of the Wolf, incorporates many of the same classic mythic themes as Star Wars. He has also written for Blizzard's StarCraft universe and stories set on Edgar Rice Burroughs's Barsoom/Mars.

His website is michaelkogge.com; the Star Wars link on the site links to this biography.

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