Michael Unther was an officer in the Imperial Navy, a veteran of twenty years of front-line service who became a respected Academy instructor after his retirement from active duty.


Born to privileged parents, Unther was enrolled in a military career in order to curb his rebellious streak. After the Academy, he used family connections to get himself assigned to a Strike-class medium cruiser, but after distinguishing himself for bravery, he was promoted to command the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Victory.

When his father was accused of treason, Captain Unther's reputation as a loyal hero of the Empire protected him from the scandal, and he rose to be an Admiral, subsequently promoted to Rear Admiral on stepping down from active service.

By the time of his retirement, Admiral Unther was considered one of the Galactic Empire's leading Planetary assault tactics experts, and he subsequently became a noted Academy instructor, touring training facilities across the Empire, of which the Duluur sector Academy was typical.

Personality and traitsEdit

Unther looked and acted like a copybook Imperial commander—big, balding, and heavy-jowled, a staunch and steadfast supporter of the New Order; few guessed that he had harbored profound private reservations about the regime ever since his father's disappearance.


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