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"The micro-grenade launcher is a devastating weapon, but make sure that you replace the magnetic rings that propel the explosive. During a firefight on Maro Della, the rings—which had degraded after repeated use—failed and jammed a grenade in the barrel. I only had a couple of seconds to toss the gun before the grenade detonated."
―Hyannis, Gundark's Gear Datalog[src]

Bossk with his Relby-v10 MGL

A Micro-Grenade Launcher was a type of lightweight and portable grenade launcher often employed by bounty hunters to capture prey.

It was a half-meter long tubular grenade delivery system. It could deliver a micro-grenade cartridge with pinpoint accuracy up to 200 meters away. When activated, magnetic rings embedded inside the weapon's cylindrical housing propelled the grenade at high velocity and in direct line of sight with virtually no scattering.

It possessed almost soundless operation and lacked recoil, which made it a popular stealth weapon.

A micro-grenade launcher cost 2,500 credits and 1,000 credits for a 30-grenade magazine.

Notable Models[]