The Micro Machines Star Wars Action Fleet toy line was manufactured by Galoob and was inspired by the various vehicles of the cinematic Star Wars saga. Notably the line included the E-Wing fighter from the Star Wars: Dark Empire saga and the Virago from Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire; the only Expanded Universe vehicles produced for this line.

They share similarities to the short-lived Star Wars Micro Collection.


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  • A-Wing Starfighter with Rebel Pilot & C-3PO
  • A-Wing Starfighter with Mon Mothma & Rebel Pilot
  • AT-AT (Imperial) with Imperial Driver & Stormtrooper
  • B-Wing Starfighter with Rebel Pilot & Admiral Ackbar
  • Blockade Runner (Rebel) with Princess Leia Organa & Rebel Trooper
  • Cloud Car (Bespin Twin Pod) with Cloud Car Pilot & Lobot
  • E-Wing Starfighter with Rebel Pilot and R7 Unit
  • Landing Craft (Imperial) with Sandtrooper & Imperial Officer
  • Millennium Falcon with Lando Calrissian & Rebel Trooper
  • Rancor with Luke Skywalker & Gamorrean Guard
  • Sail Barge (Jabba's) with Jabba, Yakface & R2-D2
  • Sandcrawler (Jawa) with Jawa & Scavenger Droid
  • Shuttle Tydirium (Imperial) with Han Solo & Chewbacca
  • Slave I with Boba Fett & Han Solo
  • Snowspeeder with Luke Skywalker & Rebel Gunner
  • Snowspeeder with Rebel Pilot & Rebel Gunner Rogue 2
  • T-16 Skyhopper (Incom) with Luke Skywalker & Biggs Darklighter
  • Tie Bomber with Imperial Pilot & Imperial Naval Trooper
  • Tie Defender with Imperial Pilot & Moff Jerrod
  • Tie Fighter with Imperial Pilot & Grand Moff Tarkin
  • Tie Fighter (Lord Vader's) with Lord Darth Vader & Imperial Pilot--(Original Big Version)
  • Tie Fighter (Lord Vader's) (Later Smaller Version)
  • Tie Interceptor with two Imperial Pilots
  • Virago with Prince Xizor & Guri
  • X-wing Luke's Starfighter with Luke Skywalker & R2-D2
  • X-Wing Red 2 Starfighter with Wedge Antilles & R2 Unit
  • X-Wing Red 6 Starfighter with Jek Porkins & R2 Unit
  • Y-wing Starfighter with Gold Leader & R2 Unit
  • Y-Wing Starfighter with Yellow Leader & R2 Unit
  • Y-Wing Starfighter with Blue Leader & R2 Unit

Classic Duels[]

  • TIE Fighter vs X-wing Starfighter
  • TIE Interceptor vs Millennium Falcon

Series Alpha concept art[]

  • Imperial shuttle
  • B-wing
  • X-wing
  • Y-wing
  • Snowspeeder
  • AT-AT
  • Cloud car


  • Yavin 4 base
  • Echo Base
  • The Death Star

Kay Bee Exclusives[]

  • Imperial AT-ST/Luke's Land Speeder - Kay Bee Exclusive
  • Imperial AT-ST/Luke's Land Speeder Limited Edition Tag
  • Remote Control Walking Imperial AT-AT Small Window
  • Remote Control Walking Imperial AT-AT Big Window


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