"The trouble among the smugglers has not disappeared, and in fact, recent reports indicate that internal conflict may be growing. Once again, Nirama summons the heroes of Cularin to further infiltrate the ranks of his opposition, the Cell."
―Introductory blurb for MidWorld[src]

MidWorld was a year one (31 BBY) Living Force adventure. It was part two of the Between the Worlds trilogy, written by Morrie Mullins. The adventure premiered in April 2001.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

After Nirama's spies were removed from his public asteroid, many rumors circulated within the Organization about them, many of them started by Nirama himself. The nature of the rumors were varied, but the spies found themselves treated with either fear or respect by those with ties to the criminal underworld. Meanwhile, Nirama continued his efforts in rooting out the Cell.

A month later, Nirama broke up a section of the Cell, and a datapad was found with a number of names on it. Among the names were those of the spies. Nirama had Jobril round up the spies and then had Xav Verivax deliver them to Darkside, another of the Organization's asteroid bases. Nirama believed that the rumors and the Cell's apparent interest would help the spies seem more valuable to the Cell this time, and they might be able to find out more.

Once at Darkside, the spies were set to a variety of different tasks over the next few days. One day, they were on kitchen duty, were they had to clear the kitchen of exorants and made friends with the station's cook, Karlo. Another day, the spies were put on security patrol. After an encounter with energy draining shadow lurkers, they discovered a mysterious green room which flashed red, after which they found the room had somehow moved to the other side of the asteroid.

On the remaining day, the group was put on contraband duty, where they were tested on their ability to find smuggled goods on freighters. They passed the first easy test on the Laria Bexum before moving on to a more difficult test on Xav Verivax's Triple Trouble. However, the Trouble was sabotaged by Cell members, with the spies discovering a string of twenty linked thermal detonators sitting on top of the package of spice they were supposed to find. Fortunately, one of the spies was skilled in demolitions, and after a few tense moments, was able to disable the detonators.

The spies were not able to find out much about the Cell during these days, but Karlo suggested to them that the Cell would be recruiting on payday. Every once in a while, Nirama would send a shipment of supplies to Darkside on payday, and the good food and alcohol were looked forward to on the station. On the spies' fourth day there, payday came around, and this time Nirama even sent a band. During the celebration that ensued, the spies were approached by a familiar face—Jasper. In his time with the Organization, Jasper had been moved to Darkside and had fallen in with the Cell. Jasper assumed that the spies were well-connected in the Cell and took them to meet with his companions.

The unit of the Cell operating on Darkside had lost its leadership during Nirama's raid, and they hoped that the spies were there to give them news and new assignments. The six members of the Cell were not highly placed in the organization, and the spies were able to convince them to surrender themselves to Nirama. They were not the most knowledgable or connected of potential prisoners, but the information they had to yield was still valuable to Nirama's efforts to destroy the Cell. Nirama offered to send them away—still in one piece—if they told him everything they knew, an offer to which they readily conceded.

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