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"Talrezan Four. Hope Station. Unroola Dawn. All lost while we were escorting the fleet out of the Mid Rim. General Amrashad is dead."
―Micha Evon lists losses the Alliance has suffered — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

The Mid Rim Retreat, initially known as the Mid Rim Offensive, was a campaign launched by the Alliance to Restore the Republic against the Galactic Empire in the Mid Rim during the Galactic Civil War. Commencing shortly after the Battle of Vrogas Vas in 0 ABY, the Alliance brought the fight to numerous worlds in the Mid Rim, but were forced to halt when their fleet became overstretched.

When the order came to fall back soon after, the Alliance began evacuating bases in the Mid Rim and withdrew from many worlds, with some of the Mid Rim revolutionaries staying behind to harass the Empire when it returned to those worlds. In 3 ABY, the Imperial governor of the planet Haidoral Prime defected to the Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry, better known as Twilight Company, offering them extensive knowledge to help the Alliance take out key resourceful locations in the Empire's territory.

Soon after, the Alliance forces launched a coordinated effort to distract Imperial forces and allow the Alliance fleet to complete its withdrawal from the Mid Rim. While Twilight Company launched a campaign on the planet Coyerti, where they put Chalis's knowledge to the test, other Alliance forces were present on various different worlds.

After leaving Coyerti, Twilight Company was pursued through the Metatessu sector by Imperial forces which had followed a hypermatter trail being left by the hyperdrive of the company's CR90 corvette the Thunderstrike. In order to repair this and break free of Imperial pursuit, Twilight Company raided an Imperial heavy freighter for the necessary supplies. The company was successful and repaired the hyperdrive.


"They blew up the damn Death Star!"
―A member of Twilight Company announces the Alliance victory at Yavin to their company[2]

At the end of 0 BBY, the Galactic Civil War began between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire with the Battle of Scarif, the first major victory for the Alliance. The Alliance then secured another victory at the Battle of Yavin, where their forces destroyed the Empire's Death Star battle station.[4]

The offensive and retreat[]

The failed campaign[]

"When your Rebellion started encroaching on the Mid Rim, the Emperor set his dog loose. You heard about the deaths of Moff Coovern and Minister Khemt?"
"Tragic accidents, as I recall."
"According to my sources, both died at the hand of Darth Vader."
―Everi Chalis reveals Coovern and Khemt's true fates to Micha Evon — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Around 1 ABY,[3] sometime after the Battle of Vrogas Vas,[1] the Alliance, bolstered by their victory against the Empire at Yavin, began an offensive into the Mid Rim. It was one of the largest operations the Alliance had ever launched against the Empire, with thousands of ships and hundreds of battle groups participating. In the wake of the campaigns commencement, the Galactic Emperor, Sheev Palpatine, had his Sith apprentice Darth Vader kill Moff Coovern and Minister Khemt, two individuals among the highest ranks of the Empire who the Emperor blamed for the loss at the Battle of Yavin. The deaths were officially reported as tragic accidents.[2]

Among the vanguard of the campaign was the Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry, better known as Twilight Company, led by Captain Micha Evon. The company was deployed to many worlds, fighting the factory-deserts of the[2] planet[5] Phorsa Gedd and capturing the Ducal Palace of the[2] planet[6] Bamayar.[2] Lieutenant Caluan Ematt led another vanguard attack on the planet Ord Tiddell. The Saurin resistance, a rebel cell based on the planet Durkteel, also assisted in the Mid Rim offensive.[1] However, nine months into the campaign, the Alliance High Command ordered their forces to halt as the Alliance Fleet was overstretched.[2]


"A few local revolutionaries are evacuating with our Alliance troops, but most are remaining on planet to harass the new arrivals."
―Carlist Rieekan to Mon Mothma, in a report[1]

The decision to halt the offensive was ultimately followed by orders to fall back as the Empire's counterattack drove into the Alliance's gained territory, slowly forcing the Rebellion out of the Mid Rim. Twilight Company began evacuating bases it had helped set up and extracting rebel heroes and generals.[2] The Alliance was forced to retreat from worlds such as Ord Tiddell, Pothor, Jeyell, Charros IV, Trasse, and Durkteel. A number of Mid Rim revolutionaries retreated with the Alliance, though most remained to continue to harass the Empire when it returned to those worlds. The Empire ultimately neglected to retake Durkteel.[1]

The Imperial defector[]

"I know the monster the Empire has grown into. I understand its biology. Every hyperlane carries oxygen to its limbs. I know where to pinch and make it sputter and suffocate."
―Everi Chalis offers her knowledge for the Alliance[2]

In 3 ABY,[3] Twilight Company fought on the planet Haidoral Prime, ultimately suppressing the local forces there. The company then began a recruitment drive to bolster their numbers when they received a message via a mouse droid from a defector inside the Governor's mansion claiming that there were rebel prisoners. Twilight Company subsequently sent First Sergeant Hazram Namir and his squad to investigate. Namir's squad infiltrated the mansion, finding that the Imperial Governor Everi Chalis had sent the message, wishing to escape from house arrest under external Imperial officers. Chalis offered to defect to the company, and so Namir's squad extracted her from the mansion.[2]

Twilight Company left Haidoral Prime with Chalis. The governor was questioned by Captain Evon and a number of his colleagues including Namir. She claimed to have extensive knowledge offered to help the Alliance take out key resourceful locations in the Empire's expansive territory. Shortly after departing Haidoral Prime, Twilight Company, aboard their CR90 corvette the Thunderstrike and its escort the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise, were involved in a battle with an Imperial patrol that had found them by chance. Both vessels survived the engagement with minor damages.[2]

The coordinated distraction[]

"Turns out Coyerti wasn't the only target this week. Rearguard actions across the board…Twenty-First was on Bestine. Bitter Pill Company was on some trash heap of a planet; lost their troop transport but got a replacement."
"The it was coordinated? One last effort to allow the fleet to complete its withdrawal from the Mid Rim…"
―Maximian Ajax and Gadren[2]

Alliance forces soon launched a final coodinated effort to distract Imperial forces and allow the fleet to finish withdrawing from the Mid Rim. This comprised of a series of rearguard actions. While the Alliance's Twenty-First was present on[2] the planet[7] Bestine IV, another group named Bitter Pill Company was on a trash heap planet where the company lost it's troop transport, but managed to find a replacement. However, the Alliance also lost control of the locations Unroola Dawn, Talrezan Four and Hope Station in the meantime, with General Amrashad perishing in the meantime.[2]

As a part of the distraction effort, Twilight Company launched a campaign on planet Coyerti to keep the Empire from killing the natives during their breeding season. The company sent numerous squads down onto the planet to attack Imperial positions such as an Imperial scout post and an Imperial fort. To test Chalis's knowledge on the Empire's resources, Namir's squad was sent to destroy a distillery, which would put the operations there back by ten years according to the former governor. When the Coyerti natives finished their breeding season, they assisted the rebels against the local garrison which they destroyed.[2]

Imperial pursuit[]

"I propose we locate an Imperial cargo transport, I can get us within range, and your soldiers—can board it."
―Everi Chalis proposes raiding an Imperial freighter[2]

Shortly after Twilight Company departed Coyerti, it was discovered that the Thunderstrike was leaking hypermatter due to a damages to the hyperdrive. Capitalizing on this, Tabor Seitaron, an Imperial captain who had been assigned to help hunt down Chalis and bring her to justice for her defection, had officers aboard the Herald,[2] the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer which he operated on for the hunt, liase with various Imperial forces in the Metatessu sector to attack the Thunderstrike.[2]

The Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise were attacked by an Imperial destroyer before being forced to fight another ambush in the Enrivi system, where they destroyed the attacking forces. The two vessels were additionally attacked in the Chonsetta system, where the Thunderstrike took additional damages from TIE interceptors. Evon called a meeting thereafter with his top staff and the bridge crews of both starships. In the meeting, they devised a plan to seize supplies from an Imperial freighter to repair the hyperdrive.[2]

The Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise ambushed an Imperial heavy freighter in the Redhurne system, sending a number of squads aboard to fight the security and get the supplies. With the loss of eight, the squads were successful in their jobs, despite their withdrawal being rushed after the intervention of an Imperial Gozanti-class cruiser in the space engagement. Twilight Company fled the system with the necessary supplies to repair the Thunderstrike's hyperdrive.[2]


"This is the Alliance's moment of weakness. The Emperor intends to deliver a killing blow at last, hunting down the scattered members of the Alliance High Command as they flee deep into galaxy's Outer Rim."
―Everi Chalis addresses the senior members of Twilight Company[2]

Shortly after Twilight Company's raid on an Imperial heavy, the Alliance High Command congregated at the Alliance's secret base on[2] the Outer Rim planet[8] Hoth for a strategy conference. Shortly after it ended, however, the Empire discovered and attacked the base. Although most the High Command escaped, the Alliance fleet was scattered, and the Empire began hunting stray forces, chasing the Alliance deep into the Outer Rim. Twilight Company, though, launched Operation Ringbreaker, a campaign that targeted soft targets around the Rimma Trade Route leading to the prime target, Kuat Drive Yards. Although the company was eventually stopped at the planet Sullust when the Thunderstrike was destroyed, the battle group was able to survive and take the capital city, departing the planet with many Sullustan recruits.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Mid Rim Retreat first appeared in the 2015 novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[2] It was first identified as the Mid Rim Offensive in the 2017 reference book Star Wars: The Rebel Files, which was written by Daniel Wallace.[1]



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