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The Mid Rim Retreat, initially known as the Mid Rim Offensive,[1] was a series of battles that were fought between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.

The Retreat began 124 days before the Battle of Hoth.


The offensiveEdit

Shortly after the Battle of Vrogas Vas,[1] the Rebel Alliance, bolstered by their victory at the Battle of Yavin, began an offensive into the Mid Rim. It was one of the largest operations the Alliance had ever launched against the Galactic Empire, with thousands of ships and hundred of battle groups participating. At the vanguard was the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, known as Twilight Company, led by Captain Micha Evon. They battled on many worlds, fighting in the Battle of Phorsa Gedd and taking the Ducal Palace of Bamayar. However, nine months into the campaign, the Alliance High Command ordered their forces to halt as the Alliance Fleet was overstretched.[2]

The retreatEdit

The decision to halt the offensive was ultimately followed by orders to fall back as the Empire's counterattack drove into the gained territory, slowly forcing the Rebellion out of the Mid Rim. Twilight Company began evacuating bases it had helped set up and extracting rebel heroes and generals.[2] The Alliance was forced to retreat from worlds such as Ord Tiddell, Pothor, Jeyell, Charros, Trasse, and Durkteel. Several revolutionary groups retreated with the Alliance, though most remained to continue to harass the Empire.[1]

The Retreat began 124 days before the Battle of Hoth.[2]

Enter Everi ChalisEdit

Towards the end of the Mid Rim Retreat, the Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, also known as Twilight Company, came victorious over the Imperial forces on Haidoral Prime. During their open recruit, they received a message via a mouse droid from a defector inside the Governor's mansion. They subsequently sent First Sergeant Hazram Namir and his squad to extract the defector. When they got into the main control room, they encountered a number of Imperial officers alongside the defector, Governor Everi Chalis. They killed the officers and took Chalis back to their captain, Micha Evon—also known as Howl. Chalis offered to help the Alliance take out key resourceful locations in the Empire's expansive territory.[2]

Coyerti CampaignEdit

The Twilight Company launched a campaign on Coyerti soon after where their squads landed on the surface and attacked the Imperial forces. Namir and Sergeant Zab's squads took out an Imperial camp and a dozen squads attacked the local garrison. Howl decided to put Chalis's knowledge to the test and she coordinated Namir's team to take out the distillery on Coyerti. Namir's team planted detonators on certain barrels and destroyed the place with ease. However the toxins spread and they were forced to be picked up and treated before they could kill them. Chalis predicted that the destruction of the distillery would put the operations there back by ten years.[2]

Concurrent with the Coyerti campaign, other battle groups were making their own effort for the Alliance. The Twenty-First Mobile Infantry Company fought on Bestine IV, while Bitter Pill Company fought on what was described as a "trash heap of a planet". The latter lost its troop transport but managed to replace it. Shortly after, the Alliance lost Unroola Dawn, Talrezan Four and Hope Station.[2]



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