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«Please, upstanding citizen. It is your duty to assist a designated peace officer requesting aid.»
―Miel Muwn[src]

Miel Muwn was a male Sullustan Peace Officer working for the Sullustan Constable Brigade at the time of the Cold War. He had achieved an Indigo rating for his performance as an investigator.


In 3643 BBY, Muwn was assigned to track down the notorious criminal Skavak, who had stolen the Murustavan Ruby, a priceless, unique gem mined millennia ago. The Constable Brigade gave him significant leeway in tracking him down, allowing him to travel offworld and enlist the aid of Republic citizens along the way. He was limited in certain ways, however; he had to yield to local constables while out of his jurisdiction.

Skavak attempted to evade Muwn on Coruscant by convincing a bounty hunter named Urbax to dispose of him. However, an up-and-coming smuggler captain walked in on the confrontation between Muwn and Urbax before things got violent. The smuggler was tracking down Skavak independently for stealing his starship. Keeping his blaster trained on Urbax, Muwn called out to the smuggler and attempted to deputize him, quoting the relevant portions of the law enabling him to do so, even offering payment under Amendment 102167 of the Sullustan Good Neighbor Act.

Skavak later ambushed Muwn and left him to be captured by a vigilante group called the Justicars' Brigade. Muwn did not resist the Justicars because he believed them to be the legitimate authority for the region. The smuggler captain encountered him in a prison cell behind a force field. After the Sullustan was freed, he assisted the smuggler in the hunt for Skavak who planned to negotiate with Commander Kasstroff. Just before it came to a fight, Muwn came out of hiding and ordered the Imperials to surrender. They did not, however, and there was a fight in which they were all killed, leaving Miel mortally wounded. After the fight, Miel gave the route of Skavak's location and slowly died from his wounds.

Behind the scenesEdit

Miel Muwn first appears as a supporting character in the Coruscant portion of the Smuggler class story in the 2011 video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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