"The challenge for an artist working on a Star Wars story is the attention to detail. You have to really be knowledgeable about tiny details in order for Lucasfilm, or even the fanbase, to sign off on what you are doing."
―Mike Mayhew[src]

Mike Mayhew is an American comic-book artist who illustrated The Star Wars, Dark Horse's comics adaptation of George Lucas's 1974 rough draft for Star Wars. He considers this draft an Apocalypse Now version of the Star Wars saga.[1]

Mayhew has also penciled the fifteenth[2] and twentieth[3] issues of Marvel Comics' 2015 Star Wars series, as well as the one-shot Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The Storms of Crait 1.[4] He has drawn the cover for the hardcover editions of the prequel trilogy's comic adaptations,[5] the second issue of the The Force Awakens miniseries,[6] and Star Wars issues 3337 and Annual 2.[7]

Mayhew has provided a variant cover for Star Wars 1, which is based on Rob Liefeld's cover for The New Mutants #98,[8] as well as for the first[9] and third[10] issues of Star Wars: Lando. Moreover, he has drawn the Yesteryear Comics variant to the first issue of Marvel's miniseries Star Wars: Shattered Empire,[11] and the Wizard/ComicConBox variant to the first issue of the Vader Down crossover event.[12]

Besides Star Wars and Harris Publications' Vampirella, Mayhew has worked on several Marvel and DC Comics titles, including Avengers and Justice League.[13] His studio is located in Glendale, California.[14]

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