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"But we do need fresh blood, Tiree. We're barely sixty souls aboard this ship, carrying out missions across the Empire."
―Lens Reekeene, to Tay Vanis, with Mikka Reekeene listening[2]

Mikka Reekeene, born in 59 BBY, was a Human male engineer and mechanic. He worked for Sartran Corporation until he was arrested by the Galactic Empire, charged with treason. In jail, Reekeene met and married Lens, a mercenary leader. Reekeene was released and, as soon as he had the chance, freed Lens as well.

Along with his wife, Reekeene then joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic and became Lens' second-in-command in Reekeene's Roughnecks, a guerrilla organization disturbing Imperial activities in the Fakir sector. With Lens having become a general and still in charge of the Roughnecks, Reekeene had the chance to work as an engineer in the Roughneck mobile headquarters, the starship Home, customizing it.


Mikka Reekeene was a Human male born in 59 BBY. As an adult, he became an engineer and mechanic and worked for Sartran Corporation until 14 BBY. In that year, the governing Galactic Empire dissolved the company, saying that it was involved in activities constitutive of treason. Reekeene was arrested and sent to jail, where he met Lens, a former mercenary leader who had worked in a garrison for Sartran until the Empire arrested her under false charges. Reekeene and Lens married in prison.[1]

Reekeene was eventually released due to a mistake made by the prison management. Once free, he spent time getting money through any available means to set his wife free, and achieved this goal in 3 BBY. Once she had escaped, Lens discovered that most of the mercenaries she had commanded had died in jail. Eager to get revenge, Lens joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, wanting to create a military force that could fight the Imperials. To protect his wife, Reekeene joined the Alliance as well, although he was not as politically active as his wife.[1]

Soon, Lens became a high-ranking officer of the Alliance, and Reekeene remained by her side as her advisor. At some point, the Reekeenes were contacted by Santhou Lazith'chika, a mysterious alien who managed to gain their trust. Lazith'chika became Mikka's main advisor and Lens' second main advisor. The Reekeenes and Lazith'chika then founded the Reekeene's Roughnecks, a guerrilla organization that harassed Imperial forces in the Fakir sector. They intended to attract Imperial attention, thus diverting the Empire's resources from combating the Alliance main fleet.[1]

The Reekeenes and Lazith'chika were the highest-ranking members of the Roughnecks; they briefed the members of sub-teams and answered any questions. As a security measure, once briefed for a mission a member of the Roughnecks could not speak with anyone except for the Reekeenes or Lazith'chika until their task was complete. As the co-leader of the Roughnecks, Mikka used his empathy and caution as a counterpoint to his wife's aggressiveness. Mikka, who was also the chief engineer of the Roughnecks, modified their mobile headquarters, the water hauler Home, adding a secret cargo hold in the starboard port. Mikka and Lens were the only two people who knew the course of the Home at any given time. Although most members of the Roughnecks wore a colored armpatch identifying their squad, the Reekeenes wore white patches because they were the commanding officers.[1]

Around 0 ABY, a silent Reekeene joined his wife, Lazith'chika, and Rebel Lieutenant Am Serro aboard the Home to hear the report of special operative Tay "Tiree" Vanis' twentieth operation. Vanis had failed to recruit some new agents and had also reached the mission limit before mandatory retirement. Nevertheless, Lens assigned him to a new job, and neither Mikka nor the other officers objected to this.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Mikka Reekeene was an engineer and mechanic, specializing in the maintenance of space transports, repulsor drives, and starfighters, with some skill in piloting transports. He commonly dressed in overalls and also carried tools and switches that he sometimes forgot while traveling. He harbored the wish of developing a hyperspace alternator sequencing module more than anything else. One of the few Humans able to speak the Shyriiwook language, Reekeene was also prone to speaking in a strong, hardly understandable accent, particularly in moments of stress.[1]

Reekeene was married to Lens Reekeene and performed several tasks only for her sake, such as joining the Rebel Alliance. Lens, commonly seen as cold and detached, was warmer toward her husband. Mikka was known among the Roughnecks for his skill to emotionally know and share other people's feelings and for his prudent foresight. As of 0 ABY, Mikka was sixty years old and overweight, but was in considerably good shape.[1] He also sported a full beard at this point.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Mikka Reekeene first appeared in The Long Shot Campaign, a chapter of the roleplaying book Star Wars Campaign Pack, written by Paul Murphy and published by West End Games in 1988. The Long Shot Campaign was later republished in 1994, along with another campaign, in Classic Campaigns. Reekeene was first graphically depicted in the 2006 webcomic Rookies: Rendezvous by Pablo Hidalgo.[3]


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