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The planet Milagro lay at the confluence of two important hyperroutes, the Corellian Run and the Harrin Trade Corridor.


During the Clone Wars, the R3 astromech droid known as R3-S6 was stolen from the Republic by agents of General Grievous and was reprogrammed at a Republic base on Milagro to spy for the Confederacy.

During the Galactic Civil War, the surface of Milagro was bombarded to slag by the Galactic Empire, opting for a Base Delta Zero operation rather than allowing the resources of the planet to fall into the hands of the New Republic.

In 5 ABY, Mon Mothma briefly set up headquarters in the New Hope in orbit of the planet. The New Hope was attacked by the Empire. For his heroism in the ensuing battle, Luke Skywalker was promoted to General.



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