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The Militarists were a faction of senators within the Galactic Senate of the Republic during the decades prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars. In response to the decline of law, order and authority in the Outer Rim Territories after the 300 BBY, they wished to overturn the segments of the Ruusan Reformation that had stripped the Old Republic of its Army and Navy. The term "Militarist" began as a pejorative bestowed upon them by Senator Finis Valorum, though the movement's champion, Ranulph Tarkin, wholeheartedly embraced the Militarist name.

Militarist senators were supported by many of the regional military academies, notably the Academy of Carida. It is likely that they were the ones who pushed for the establishment of the Katana fleet. Until his death in 44 BBY, Ranulph Tarkin led the Militarist faction, going so far as to assemble a paramilitary force to defend his native Seswenna sector. During his time as its leader, the Militarist faction became associated with Humanocentrism. Tarkin's death while leading his paramilitary during the Stark Hyperspace War made him a martyr to the Militarist movement and did much to advance their cause.

Several years later, during the Separatist Crisis, Militarists pushed for the passage of the Military Creation Act. Prominent militarists at this time included Candabrine Bu, Orn Free Taa, Aks Moe, and Onaconda Farr (thus eroding the faction's Humanocentrism). Naboo's populace also were widely militarists, although their senator was a strict pacifist. The militarists were supported by the Stark Veteran Assembly and the Academy of Carida, and presumably other military academies as well.



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