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The military rank was the established order of commanding responsibility between the officers of a military force.

Galactic Republic[]

The ranks held by members of the Galactic Republic Military varied by era, for instance, during the Old Sith Wars the rank of Captain, or more accurately Fleet Captain was used to refer to Admirals. Commander was given as a general title reflecting someone in command but not as a specific rank. Also, due to the diversity of the members of the military, regulations specified that any personnel of higher rank than oneself, regardless of the species, gender or position was to be addressed as "sir". The military answered ultimately to the Supreme Chancellor and the Galactic Senate. Though the Republic Army and Republic Navy had similar ranks, there were some variations.[1]

During the New Sith Wars, the Republic Army was briefly reorganized as the Army of Light with a Jedi Lord in command. After the Ruusan Reformation the Republic Military was officially disbanded. The Judicial Department's Forces became the Republic's main fighting force. The ranks of the Judicials were very basic and the force itself was relatively small as they depended on the support of the Planetary Security Forces which had widely varying ranks.[2]

With the eruption of the Clone Wars the Republic created a new military. The Judicial Forces became a part of the new Republic Navy. The army of clones secretly created on Kamino became the backbone of the Grand Army of the Republic. The separate Republic Starfighter Corps and Special Operations Brigade were also added. The Jedi Order took command of the military coordinated by the Jedi Command and under the supervision of the Senate. Along with Jedi Commanders, clones with special training were given ranks of Commander to assist in leading the army. Later, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was given ultimate command as the Supreme Commander.[2]

Confederacy of Independent Systems[]

Grievous Son of Dathomir

The Kaleesh Grievous held the military rank of General

The highest rank in the Separatist Droid Army and the Confederate Navy was that of Supreme Commander, held by Grievous, who was also given the rank of General.

Alliance to Restore the Republic[]

The highest rank in the Alliance Military was Commander-in-Chief, while in the Army it was General. Seven known Rebel generals were Roons Sewell, Han Solo, Jan Dodonna, Lando Calrissian, Carlist Rieekan, Crix Madine and Rahm Kota. The title of Supreme Commander was given to the head of the Alliance Fleet—such as Gial Ackbar—or to the overall leader of the Alliance—Mon Mothma. This title remained in use in the Alliance of Free Planets, the New Republic and the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.

Galactic Empire[]

With the founding of the Galactic Empire, the Republic Military became the Imperial Military with ground forces being divided between the Imperial Army and the Stormtrooper Corps. The highest rank in the Imperial Military was Military Executor/Supreme Commander, Grand General in the Imperial Army, and Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy. Malcor Brashin was a notable Imperial Grand General and Mitth'raw'nuruodo (Thrawn), Gilad Pellaeon and Morlish Veed are examples of famous Grand Admirals. In the Imperial Remnant and the later Galactic Empire, Grand Moff was the highest rank.



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