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"Seriously Han. I'd like a milk."
Luke Skywalker, to Han Solo[src]

Milk was a nutritious liquid produced and secreted by the females of certain species. While milk was typically white,[5] the one produced by bantha cows was blue,[3] and the one produced by Thala-siren sea sows was green.[6] Other species that secreted milk included the whilks,[4] the nerfs,[7] and the falumpasets.[8] Moofs made moof milk, but "moof-milker" was an insult.[9] The term "milk" was also used to describe any similar fluid in plants, such as the juice of a black melon.[10]

Some intelligent species would farm non-sentient creatures to extract their milk and use it as food.[7] When left standing for a while, milk would turn sour.[4] However, to prevent spoilage, it could be stored in cool places, just like meat.[11] Milk was the basis of various preparations that included ice cream, yogurt, and butter.[3] Tooka were known to enjoy milk.[2]

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Milk first appeared in the 1977 original trilogy film Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, in which blue bantha milk is consumed by the Lars household.[1]

Artificially-created Bantha and Thala-siren milk can be bought and enjoyed by park guests at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, where the drinks are sold as authentic products of the animals from the Star Wars universe.[12]

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