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A container of domesticated milk

Milk was the nutrient fluid produced by the mammary glands of female mammals.


Milk was sometimes classified as either domesticated milk or wild milk, and was sometimes homogenized.[source?]


Luke Skywalker and Owen Lars drank blue milk with dinner after purchasing C-3PO and R2-D2.[1] Leia Organa Solo often drank warm milk during her first pregnancy, to soothe her stomach.[2]

On Hapes, the Queen Mother had a milk house from which servants got cream for the kitchens.[3]

The Solo family also used milk to make hot chocolate from scratch, which she said tasted much better than the hot chocolate which came out of a dispenser. When Tesar Sebatyne sought an audience with Madame Thul, Raynar Thul's mother, during the Dark Nest Crisis, he asked for a glass of milk because it could stop him from drooling.[4]

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