"What is—this is ridiculous. I am trying to speak to the central computer of the Millennium Falcon."
"Which one of you—"
C-3PO and V5-T[1]

The Millennium Collective, as named by L3-37, was the trio of droid brains that comprised the central computer of the YT-1300 light freighter Millennium Falcon. The first of the droids to be uploaded to the Falcon was the transport droid V5-T, while the slicer droid ED-4 was uploaded at some point afterward. The brains acted as one entity, unconcerned with the droids they had formerly been. L3-37, a self-built droid, was uploaded to the Falcon after being destroyed during a job on Kessel. Refusing to lose her name and identity, L3-37 led the other two droid brains to operate as separate consciousnesses, working together to run the Falcon.[1]


"If you refuse, you die. He dies. The others on the ship, they all die. If you join with us, we all can live. The choice is simple."
"You tricked me."
"We couldn't have joined without you consenting to it. You made your decision a while ago. You just couldn't admit it. We are something different, now. Not just the Falcon. Not just L3. We are new."
―The Falcon and L3 converse about integrating[2]

Fleeing from the Empire after the Raid on Kessel, Lando Calrissian uploaded the consciousness of his droid companion, L3-37, into the navigational system of the Millennium Falcon.[3] Although initially hesitant, L3-37 agreed to integrate with the Falcon's computer to save her friends.[2] She went on to teach the other droids in the Collective new concepts, such as individuality.[1]



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