"No one decks Milo Fourstar that fast! He musta used the Force! He's a sorcerer!"
―Milo Fourstar[1]

Milo Fourstar was a Human male member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, who was stationed at Haven Base on the planet Arbra in 3 ABY. Following a battle in which Commander Luke Skywalker appeared to have shot down Captain Shira Brie, rumors circulated around Haven Base as to Skywalker's allegiance. Fourstar was the only one on-site to openly confront the commander on the issue, and began insinuating that Brie had rejected Skywalker's romantic advances.

The verbal assault prompted Skywalker to strike Fourstar, but the confrontation did not continue. The disgraced Skywalker would later depart Arbra, but then he returned mere days afterward to stand trial. Fourstar and the rest of the Haven Base personnel tuned into a broadcast of the trial, and it was found that Skywalker was not a traitor to the Alliance, as Brie had been an Imperial operative. Despite the decision, Fourstar insisted that the trial had been rigged.


A Human male member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Milo Fourstar was assigned to Arbra's Haven Base in 3 ABY.[1] That year, during a skirmish with an Imperial fleet under the command of Admiral Mils Giel,[2] one of the Haven Base personnel, Commander Luke Skywalker, was believed to have shot down one of his comrades, Captain Shira Brie. When he returned, rumors began to circulate around the base that Skywalker's friend, Princess Leia Organa, believed he was guilty of Brie's murder. Skywalker had also been stripped of his rank as a result.[1]


"Milo—you're slime!'"
―Luke Skywalker[1]

Fourstar after the trial

Fourstar was in Haven Base's mess hall shortly after when Skywalker entered the room for a meal. All present fell silent as the former commander attempted to acquire victuals. When he was asked to leave, Skywalker loudly protested, prompting Fourstar to approach him. The man shoved Skywalker roughly, then suggested that the former commander had killed Brie with the Force. Although others present asked Fourstar to relent, he did not, going on to insinuate that Skywalker had made advances toward Brie and had been subsequently rejected. Pushing the point by asking Skywalker if that was the reason he killed her, Fourstar was met with a swift punch and an insult from the younger man.[1]

Felled and astonished, Fourstar accused Skywalker of using the Force to attack him, and went on to suggest that the young Rebel had ties to Darth Vader. With that, Skywalker departed the mess hall and Haven Base.[1] Days later, he returned to stand trial before Organa, as well as Generals Carlist Rieekan and Duron Veertag. Haven Base tuned into a broadcast of the trial, where evidence of Brie's identity as an Imperial operative collected by Skywalker was presented. Skywalker was cleared of all charges and once again given the rank of commander, and while most of his comrades rejoiced, Fourstar bitterly insisted that the hearing had been rigged. He was met with little more than a curt reply from a female colleague.[3]

Personality and traits[]

A confrontational man, Milo Fourstar was confident of his skill and speed in a fight, so much so that he was shocked when struck by Luke Skywalker. He highly doubted the validity of Skywalker's innocence following the supposed death of Shira Brie, and also publicly accused Skywalker of having murderous intent, believing Skywalker had killed her after she did not return Skywalker's romantic feelings.[1] Even when presented with evidence good enough for two generals and a princess, Fourstar refused to believe Skywalker's story.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The character of Milo Fourstar first appeared in 1982's Star Wars (1977) 62, written by David Michelinie and Walter Simonson, the latter of which also illustrated the issue. Three months later, the character would appear again in Star Wars (1977) 65.



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