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"They got propaganda all over. Lovely lawful Milvayne! Proof how perfect a world can be when you let the Emperor in!"
―Vulaada Klam, on Milvayne[src]

Milvayne was a planet controlled by the Milvayne Authority, a harsh, justice-oriented law enforcement agency. After the establishment of the Galactic Empire, Milvayne fell under its protection, under the terms it kept an invisible presence. Milvayne's law enforcement made it a good example for the Empire, and it was promoted through propaganda as an ideal world. After being linked with proximity bombs by Cornelius Evazan, Chelli Aphra and 0-0-0 traveled to Milvayne, where they were forced to evade the law as fugitives. After Evazan widened the broadcast from Triple Zero's eyes to reach the residents of Milvayne, the Empire's Coalition for Progress wished to intervene to prevent the live feed from inspiring mischievous ideas. They were eventually forced to fire on Milvayne City as the chase escalated.


"Inform for cash! Inform today! Remember: Milvayne is now under Imperial protection! Live by the book and spare the blasters! Love the law! Watch your neighbors!"
―The Milvayne intercom system[src]

Milvayne City was riddled with holographic projections showing propaganda

Much of the planet Milvayne was covered in the expansive and crowded Milvayne City. The upper levels of the city were patrolled by the Galactic Empire-backed Milvayne Authority, and holographic viewscreens showing propaganda were displayed in midair.[1] Milvayne's culture was highly order-oriented, and any individuals who had been reported to the Authority - even a bankrupt debtor and a droid who claimed to merely have a little bit of rust - were thrown down into the lower levels of the city, which had fallen into disarray and turned into a slum for the homeless. Those who survived were forced to live their life as scavengers among the millions of people in the undercity.[3] As well as reported individuals, foul air was also dumped into the lower levels by the Empire's bloatbarges.[4] Although the Empire protected Milvayne, it had an agreement with the planet that it would not intervene in the planets internal affairs, just as long as the Milvayne Authority enforced its reputation and kept order.[5]


"Milvayne accepted Imperial rule under the proviso that we maintain an invisible presence!"
―A captain[src]

During the Imperial Era, Milvayne accepted the rule[5] and protection[1] of the Galactic Empire. This was on the terms that it kept an invisible presence, leaving Milvaynes resident law enforcement agency, the Milvayne Authority, to keep order on the planet and enforce the reputation of the Empire in order to keep it from intervening. It became eventually a model planet under the larger faction, and inspired sixty-three other star systems to capitulate to the Empire as a direct result. On seven hundred imperial occupied worlds, the Empire's propaganda division, the Coalition for Progress, praised Milvayne as "a model imperial planet."[5]

At some point, Tam Posla investigated a pair of visiting spacers using the suspected aliases of "Roofoo" and "Sawkee," who were attributed with a rash of crimes on Milvayne. Doctor Cornelius Evazan, who used the alias "Roofoo,"[6] later became known as the "Mutilator of Milvayne."[7] Posla, however, was taken off the case by his superior officer,[6] and after he tracked the pair to Jedha, they took his badge.[8]

Evazan's entertainment[]

Fugitives on the run[]

"Welcome to Milvayne, travellers. Present I.D. and authorization documents please."
―A border officer welcomes Chelli Aphra and 0-0-0 to Milvayne[src]

Sometime later, a frozen Evazan was handed over to Posla by Chelli Aphra. He intended to bring the doctor to Milvayne for a trial.[9] When Evazan was unfrozen, however, he used a pluripleq to pretend he was a shapeshifter. Posla attempted to arrest Aphra under the jurisdiction of the Milvayne Authority, but was murdered by the assassin droid 0-0-0. Evazan later captured Aphra and Triple-Zero, taking them onto Posla's ship. He implanted proximity bombs inside them, forcing them to work together to survive.[10]

Aphra and 0-0-0 arrive on Milvayne

Aphra and Triple-Zero discovered Rajam Nuss, Posla's personal cyberneticist, and traveled to Milvayne to find him. Upon arriving, Triple-Zero murdered the border officer in order to leave the spaceport. The Milvayne Authority caught wind of this and intercepted them, eventually pinning them behind a vehicle. Triple-Zero caused Posla's ship to self-destruct as a distraction, and they were able to escape.[1]

An hour later, Aphra searched through the HoloNet to find Nuss, and the pair visited him in his lab. He attempted to remove the bombs, but set off their fail-safes, setting them to explode in ten hours. Nuss tried to hide this, but Aphra discovered the truth, returning to find that Triple-Zero had killed Nuss.[1] With Nuss' death meaning they were unable to remove the bombs, Aphra set out to find the cyberneticist's mentor, Prexo, who lived on the other side of the city in South District Seven. When Aphra attempted to take a train there, Triple-Zero threatened the driver and was reported to Informahub, whose drones threw him into the undercity.[3]

Needing to stay near the droid, Aphra followed him, encountering a scavenger named Vulaada Klam and her qaberworm Gurtyl. Klam agreed to take them across the city on Gurtyl, but they were located by Tam Posla, whose corpse had been revived by Force energy from mutated gundravian hookspores. Posla shot at Gurtyl, throwing Aphra and Triple-Zero off the creature. He then ordered a rebuilt BT-1 to destroy them.[3] As BT-1 and Posla attacked the pair, the hunters Winloss and Nokk, who had been hired to capture Triple-Zero and kill Aphra. Nokk impaled Posla with his Vr'gedian tranquilizer harpoon and Winloss shot an ion-net at BT-1. Aphra and 0-0-0 escaped during the chaos.[4]

Imperial intervention[]

"And viewing figures are in the billions already. Hm. It won't stand, captain. It won't stand at all."
―A high-ranking individual in the Coalition for Progress[src]

Fearing Triple-Zero may survive to hunt him down, Evazan widened the broadcast signal transmitting from the droid's eyes and used it to address the citizens of Milvayne about the two fugitives running around on the planet. After the reward for their capture was announced, many of the citizens reported false and desperate claims to the Milvayne Authority. Posla was among them, and led members of his in former occupation to Aphra's location, aboard a bloatbarge. Klam incapacitated Aphra and Triple-Zero to collect the reward for them.[4]

Milvayne is fired on by the Coalition for Progress

By this time, the viewing figures of the live feed from Triple-Zero's eyes had reached the billions. Four-hundred kilometers above Milvayne, Captain Okma aboard the Enduring Pride, the propaganda flagship of the Empire's Coalition for Progress (CFP), discussed the matter with[5] Minister Pitina Voor[11] who wished for a swift solution to this to prevent the residents of Milvayne getting mischievous ideas. Her intentions were stalled when news of Aphra and Triple-Zero's capture came to light.[5]

Aphra and Triple-Zero were put on trial under Posla and the Milvayne Authority, but escaped after turning the officers against Posla. They stopped at a fuelstop to repair Triple-Zero's legs, where Winloss and Nokk caught up with them. Nokk chased them on a jetpack while Winloss lured Triple-Zero onto his speeder using a disabled BT-1, with Aphra being forced to follow him into the trap. As they caged the pair on their ship, the viewers of the live feed were angered, and incidents of civilian disrespect began increasing. On the Enduring Pride, Okma was ordered to deal with the aggression, and fired the ships railgun at the city, targeting Aphra and Triple-Zero specifically. Winloss and Nokk's ship was damaged by the explosion and the pair ejected, leaving their captives trapped in the falling vehicle.[5]

Civilian riots[]

"We'd tried various forms of controlling the narrative, subtle and otherwise, but—well—things escalate. By the time of the final confrontation, our public relations strategists felt a show of overweening force really was the best way to go. Unfortunately, the enemy was of a similar view."
―Minister Pitina Voor, in a personal recording[src]

Aphra and Triple-Zero crashed into the underworld where Captain Okma met them, blocking the live feed and offering Aphra a compromise to convince the civilians she was on the Empire's side. However, Aphra activated a seismic pulse which knocked her and Okma away. Triple-Zero then tortured and killed him and his stormtroopers. With the live feed unblocked, Aphra and Triple-Zero conversed before being confronted by Winloss and Nokk, who revealed they were giving up their hunt for them.[12]

Aphra's apparent sacrifice inspired the Milvaynians to riot.

After reuniting with Vulaada Klam, whom felt bad for betraying the pair, Aphra and Triple-Zero traveled to Professor Prexo's residence, where they found that he was absent. They were then confronted by stormtroopers and the Milvayne Authority, and a firefight broke out. Posla assisted the Imperial side, but was set on fire by Triple-Zero and shot at Klam. At that moment, Aphra threw herself in front of the shot, leaving her wounded. This inspired the many viewers of Triple-Zero's live feed to riot and fight the Milvayne Authority. The live feed itself was stopped by Prexo, who had liased with Winloss and Nokk in boarding Evazan's starship and deactivating Aphra and Triple-Zero's proximity bombs.[11]

Following the riots, Minister Voor concluded that several years of martial law and orbital bombardment would solve the public relations disaster on Milvayne.[11]

Behind the scenes[]

Milvayne was first mentioned in the canon reference book Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, written by Pablo Hidalgo and released in 2016.[6] It first appeared in the comic Doctor Aphra (2016) 26, written by Simon Spurrier, illustrated by Emilio Laiso and published by Marvel Comics[1] on November 14, 2018.[13] In Star Wars Legends, Milvayne was first mentioned in the short story "Differences of Opinion," which was included in The Last Command Sourcebook, released in March 1994.[14]


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