"I, Tam Posla, do hereby arrest you on the authority of the Milvayne Judiciary, in the name of all that is good."
―Tam Posla, to Chelli Aphra[3]

The Milvayne Authority, also known as the Milvayne Judiciary, was a law enforcement agency that operated on Milvayne. Its most celebrated officer was Tam Posla. Posla's final case with them involved reports of kidnapping, forced servitude and surgical alteration. But after he travelled beyond his sanctions to bring justice to the pair, forcing his superior officer to take his badge. In 3 ABY, the rogue archaeologist Chelli Aphra and assassin droid 0-0-0 traveled to Milvayne. 0-0-0 almost immediately killed a border officer and more of the Milvayne Authority arrived to bring justice to them. Although they pinned the pair down, 0-0-0 self-destructed his and Aphra's ship to distract the cops.

After a live feed began broadcasting from 0-0-0's eyes to the residents of Milvayne, prompting tip-offs on the droid and Aphra, officers of the Milvayne Authority were led to the two fugitives. With the help of Posla, who was also hunting the pair, the officers captured Aphra and 0-0-0 and had them tried over a ledge at Milvayne City. Aphra, however, was able to turn the officers on Posla, ensuing a skirmish that allowed the fugitives to escape. The Milvayne Authority eventually caught up with Aphra, 0-0-0 and two of their allies at Milvayne City's South District Seven, backed by stormtroopers. In the firefight that followed between the two parties, Aphra threw herself in front of a blaster shot to save one of her comrades, inspiring the viewers of the live feed from 0-0-0's eyes to riot and overwhelm the Milvayne Authority.


"Let justice be served! Protect the perfect!"
―The Milvayne Authority convicts three criminals[2]

The Milvayne Authority disposes of "defective" droids

The Milvayne authority patrolled the upper levels of Milvayne's vast megacity. Any citizen caught committing a crime was pursued and apprehended by the Milvayne authority officers. They were then convicted of their crime and thrown into the undercity where other convicts were amassed in their millions. The Milvayne authority also threw over droids that were deemed "defective." This was categorized by features as insignificant as a bit of rust. They used drones to carry droids over the ledge.[2]


The Evazan investigation[]

"I tracked him to Jedha. The brass said I had no sanction—took my badge."
―Tam Posla, on his hunt for Roofoo and Sawkee[4]

At some point, Tam Posla,[1] the Milvayne Authority's most celebrated officer,[4] began investigating reports of kidnapping, forced servitude and surgical alteration. The series of crimes were thought to have been carried out by two visitors, known as "Roofoo" and "Sawkee." The two individuals were infact the rogue surgeon Doctor Cornelius Evazan and the Aqualish thug Ponda Baba.[1] Evazan was eventually nicknamed the "Mutilator of Milvayne" for the crimes he had committed.[5] Posla was eventually taken off the case by the his superior officer but learned of a similar string of crimes on the moon of Jedha. Determined to bring justice to them, Posla went to Jedha[1] and his superior officer took his badge,[4] decommissioning him for absence[6] and telling him he had no sanction. Posla however was already too attached to the case[4] and became a bounty hunter in order to chase the pair.[1]

Fugitives on Milvayne[]

"Freeze lawbreaker!"
"Oh no. It's the law."
―The Milvayne Authority pursues Chelli Aphra[7]

Although no longer a part of the law enforcement agency, Posla at one point declared Chelli Aphra under arrest on the authority of the Milvayne Authority[3] in 3 ABY,[8] shortly before his untimely death.[3] Following Posla's murder, Chelli Aphra and the assassin droid 0-0-0 traveled to Milvayne on Posla's ship in search of his personal cyberneticist, Rajam Nuss.[7]

The Milvayne Authority pursues Chelli Aphra and 0-0-0.

Upon arriving at Milvayne, the spaceports border officer asked for Aphra and 0-0-0's I.D.s and authorization. 0-0-0 tortured him into opening the gate for them and killed him. In response to this, more of the Milvayne Authority were quick to intercept Aphra and 0-0-0. The pair were then pinned down by the Milvayne authority officers on their speeders and 0-0-0 decided to self-destruct Posla's ship as a distraction. This worked, and the Milvayne Authority officers abandoned their pursuit of the criminals to respond to the explosion.[7] Sometime after, Aphra and 0-0-0 attempted to bribe a train driver for transport to South District Seven when 0-0-0 threatened his life. The driver held them at blaster point and contacted the Informahub about 0-0-0. Subsequently, several Milvayne Authority drones responded and dropped 0-0-0 into the undercity of Milvayne, with Aphra following him.[2]

Evazan, who was watching a feed from 0-0-0's eye, began broadcasting it across to the residents of Milvayne, prompting them to assist the Milvayne Authority in capturing the droid and Aphra. As a result, many money craving citizens made inaccurate claims to the Authority in hopes of securing a reward. Posla, who was hunting the pair, joined a number of Milvayne Authority officers in following one of the tip-offs to Aphra and 0-0-0, who were traveling on a bloatbarge across the undercity. The informant who had led them there, Vulaada Klam was travelling with the two fugitives and revealed her betrayal, incapacitating them for their reward.[9]

The fugitives escape[]

"Obscene felons! You have been reported for crimes too numerous and nauseating to list! Denunciation is guilt!"
―A Milvayne Authority tries Aphra and 0-0-0[6]

The Milvayne Authority and Tam Posla put Aphra and 0-0-0 on trial

Assisted by Posla, the Milvayne Authority officers tied Aphra and 0-0-0 together and held them at gunpoint upon a ledge at Milvayne City to be tried. As the arresting officer, Posla chose the punishment for the pair, wishing for them to be shot multiple times and then thrown over the ledge. Aphra argued against Posla's authority over her and 0-0-0's lives, pointing out that he had been decommissioned. After confirming Aphra's claims, the officers turned on Posla, resulting in a firefight which saw the deaths of multiple cops. Aphra and 0-0-0 escaped in the midst of the chaos.[6]

Aphra and 0-0-0 eventually made their way to South District Seven, with the help of Klam, who had redeemed herself to the fugitives, and 0-0-0's assassin droid friend BT-1. Numerous officers of the Milvayne Authority assisted a squad of stormtroopers in intercepting them, provoking a skirmish with the criminals and their allies. Posla joined the officers and troopers, but was quickly set on fire by 0-0-0, causing him to shoot towards Klam. Aphra then threw herself in front of the blaster shot to save Klam. This inspired the viewers of the live feed from 0-0-0's eyes to revolt, starting major riots against the Milvayne Authority within minutes. The officers of the authority found themselves overwhelmed.[10]

Behind the scenes[]

"I recall now that Milvayne and the Milvayne Authority became this big thing in the comics, but really, the only reason Tam Posla is part of the Milvayne Authority was to explain the lettering 'MA' on his helmet, which is actually a nod to artist Matt Alsop's name."
―Pablo Hidalgo[11]

The Milvayne Authority was first mentioned in the 2016 reference book Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, written by Pablo Hidalgo.[1] It first appeared in the canon comic Doctor Aphra (2016) 26, written by Simon Spurrier, pencilled by Emilio Laiso and published by Marvel Comics[7] on November 14, 2018.[12] According to Hidalgo on Twitter, he made the name 'Milvayne Authority' as part of Tam Posla's back story[11] in the visual guide[1] to explain the abbreviated 'MA' on Posla's helmet, which was imprinted there as a nod to Posla's actor, the artist Matt Allsopp.[11]



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