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"Hey, Beckett! You said we were here to pull a quick job!"
"Well, this ain't a quick job, it's a war!"
―Rio Durant and Tobias Beckett during a firefight with the Mimbanese[1]

The Mimban Campaign, also known as the Battle of Mimban or the battle on Mimban, was an Imperial military operation that took place in 10 BBY on the swamp planet Mimban in an effort to secure the planet's vital resources while establishing a regime loyal to the Galactic Empire. The 224th Imperial Armored Division engaged the Mimbanese Liberation Army, with the latter eager to drive the Imperials from their homeworld at all costs. The campaign saw the deployment of numerous swamp troopers and wet-weather gear stormtroopers, with the Imperial ground forces making use of trench warfare against the Mimbanese.


"It's their planet; we're the hostiles."
―Han Solo, to Lieutenant Bolandin[1]

The planet Mimban was a backwater Expansion Region that was home to several species including the Mimbanese. The planet was rich in hyperbaride minerals, making it the target of energy mining interests and various governments including the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Galactic Republic, and the Galactic Empire.[6]

Mimban was targeted by various galactic powers due to its mineral resources

During the Clone Wars, Mimban was invaded by the Confederacy military. The indigenous Mimbanese Liberation Army resisted the Separatist forces with aid from the Galactic Republic. Members of the Grand Army of the Republic's 224th Division, known as the mud-jumpers, fought alongside the Mimbanese, promising the species freedom once the Separatists were defeated.[6]

Following the transformation of the Republic into the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, the Empire sought to exploit Mimban for its mineral resources in order to fuel the Imperial war machine. Under the orders of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Moff Bin Essada of the Circarpous sector sought to procure the abundant natural resources that existed on the swampy world. The Imperials encountered resistance from their former Mimbanese allies.[6]

The campaign[]

Corporal Han Solo encountered the smuggler Tobias Beckett during the Mimban Campaign, initiating the young Corellian's life of crime.

Skirmish in the trenches[]

Around 10 BBY, the 224th Imperial Armored Division, consisting of both Imperial Army Swamp troopers and wet-weather gear stormtroopers, was deployed to Mimban. The 224th Armored Division established a temporary headquarters called Camp Forward inside the disputed wilderness zone. The Division was locked into trench warfare against the Mimbanese Liberation Army, which used guerrilla tactics including improvised mines, tripwires, and catapults against Imperial forces and vehicles.[6]

During a skirmish, Major Staz led a group of Swamp troopers including Corporal Han Solo in a ground assault to capture a ridge from the Mimbanese. The Mimbanese fired explosives which killed Major Staz. Han and several soldiers[1] including Corporal Danith Nodar, Private Collum Woslo, Corporal Sharlu Greslin, Corporal Wesger Odry, Medic Gorji Sandem, Private Bokret Humphreys, Specialist Gillen Finders, Sergeant Mattiso Trodu, and Corporal Chakobi Sanwright[6] regrouped in a trench under the command of "Captain" Tobias Beckett, the last senior officer in the group. Beckett led the Swamp troopers in a successful assault on the ridge.[1]

Solo's desertion[]

Solo meets Chewbacca

Following the skirmish, Lieutenant Bolandin told Solo and his comrades that they would be departing within three hours to the Southern marshlands. He also requested volunteers for an advance party. When Solo questioned what the Empire was doing to Mimban and suggested that the Imperials were the aggressors, Bolandin regarded Solo as a troublemaker.[1]

During a break in the fighting, Solo encountered "Captain" Beckett and his gang associates Val and Rio Durant, whom he ascertained were smugglers dressed in stolen Imperial uniforms. The criminals were planning to commandeer a Y-45 armored transport hauler. Recognizing this as an opportunity to leave behind his life as a mere grunt, Solo initially attempted to persuade Beckett into allowing him into the group, offering his services as a pilot.[1]

When Beckett and his gang rebuffed Solo, he threatened to expose them as infiltrators. However, Beckett turned the tables on Solo by convincing Lieutenant Bolandin that they had caught Solo trying to desert the Imperial Army. Seeking to rid the unit of a troublemaker, Bolandin threw Solo into a pit to be devoured by "the beast," a Wookiee Chewbacca.[1] Chewbacca had been betrayed by a bounty hunter who handed him over to Imperial forces on Mimban.[6]

While Chewbacca was initially hostile to Solo, Solo managed to use his knowledge of Shyriiwook and quick wit to convince the Wookiee to help him escape the pen. After breaking out, Solo convinced Chewbacca to come with him to a nearby airfield where Beckett and his gang were preparing to depart on their stolen transport hauler. Impressed by the young man's determination, Beckett allowed both Solo and Chewbacca aboard his stolen AT-hauler.[1]

Beilert's ordeal[]

Beilert Valance leading Swamp troops

After suffering injuries that ended his career as a TIE fighter pilot,[8] Beilert Valance was reassigned as a Swamp trooper during the Mimban campaign. He and his unit saw action in a trench. Valance attempted to call for air support. When the other soldiers doubted that Imperial reinforcements would come for them, Valance was determined to complete his mission and led his men out of the trench. As a result, Valance suffered life changing injuries including the loss of the left side of his face and his remaining arms and leg. After being discharged from the Imperial military, Valance became a bounty hunter who worked for the Hidden Hand crime syndicate and later the Rebel Alliance.[9]


After escaping Mimban, Solo and Chewbacca traveled to the planet Vandor where Beckett enlisted their services in stealing coaxium from an Imperial conveyx transport in order to pay his debts to Dryden Vos, the crime lord of the Crimson Dawn. Due to the interference of Enfys Nest and her Cloud-Riders, the heist failed and Val and Durant were killed in the process.[1]

After he left the Empire on Mimban, Solo had set the stage for the rest of his life.

Solo and Beckett managed to convince Dryden Vos to give them a second chance with the help of the crime lord's lieutenant Qi'ra, an old friend of Solo. After enlisting the services of Lando Calrissian and his ship the Millennium Falcon, Solo and his companions managed to steal coaxium from the Pyke Syndicate's mines on the planet Kessel.[1]

After making the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, Han and his companions traveled to the planet Savareen to rendezvous with Dryden Vos. However, Enfys Nest and her Cloud-Riders convinced them not to give the coaxium to Vos. Despite Beckett's betrayal, Han and Qi'ra managed to defeat Vos and his Hylobon Enforcers. Beckett was later killed during a confrontation with Solo. Even though Qi'ra left him, Solo and Chewbacca left together,[1] ultimately becoming smugglers[10] and winning the Falcon from Calrissian.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Mimban campaign first appeared in the 2018 film Solo: A Star Wars Story.[1]



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