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"Hey, Beckett! You said we were here to pull a quick job!"
"Well, this ain't a quick job, it's a war!"
―Rio Durant and Tobias Beckett during a firefight with the Mimbanese[src]

The Mimban campaign, also known as the battle on Mimban, was an Imperial military operation that took place in 10 BBY on the swamp planet Mimban in an effort to secure the planet's vital resources while establishing a regime loyal to the Galactic Empire. The 224th Imperial Armored Division engaged the Mimbanese Liberation Army, with the latter eager to drive the Imperials from their homeworld at all costs. The campaign saw the deployment of numerous swamp troopers and wet-weather gear stormtroopers,[1] with the Imperial ground forces making use of trench warfare against the Mimbanese.[6]


"It's their planet; we're the hostiles."
―Han Solo, to Lieutenant Bolandin[src]
Solo-db-han-beckett-mimban-gallery 1bb27b64

Corporal Han Solo encountered the smuggler Tobias Beckett during the Mimban Campaign, initiating the young Corellian's life of crime.

The Mimbanese had previously repelled the forces of the Confederacy military during the Clone Wars with aid from the benevolent Galactic Republic. Members of the Grand Army of the Republic's 224th Division, known as the mud-jumpers, fought alongside the indigenous population of Mimban, promising the species freedom once the droid army was defeated. When the Republic reorganized into the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, the planet once again experienced an incursion from an external enemy: their former brothers-in-arms. The Imperials returned to the once-allied planet as conquerors, seeking to procure the abundant natural resources that existed on the swampy world. The initial invasion began in 10 BBY and consisted of Imperial commanders throwing their subordinates at the enemy lines, hoping to secure what little ground they could, no matter the casualties.[source?] During combat, Corporal Han Solo came across a group of soldiers he believed to be Imperial infantry. However, Solo quickly realized that the ragtag group of fighters was in actuality a gang of criminals disguised as army personnel led by the smuggler Tobias Beckett on a mission to commandeer a Y-45 armored transport hauler. Recognizing this as an opportunity to leave behind his life as a mere grunt, Solo initially attempted to persuade Beckett into allowing him into the group, threatening to expose the true intentions of the gang. Beckett, utilizing his stolen captains' uniform, ordered Lieutenant Bolandin to apprehend and dispose of Solo, accusing him of desertion. Bolandin followed suit and sentenced Solo to death via "the beast", whom Solo later discovered to be the Wookiee Chewbacca. Owing to his proficiency in shyriiwook and quick wit, Solo managed to convince Chewbacca into helping him escape and later led the newfound ally to the air field where Beckett's crew prepared to depart. Impressed by the young man's determination, Beckett reevaluated and allowed both Solo and Chewbacca aboard his stolen AT-hauler, en route to the planet Vandor.[1]

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The Mimban campaign was first seen in the first TV Spot seen during Super Bowl LII for Solo: A Star Wars Story on February 4, 2018.[7]



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