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"It's their planet. We're the hostiles."
―Han Solo, to Imperial Lieutenant Bolandin[2]

The Mimbanese were one of several sentient species native to the planet Mimban. The Mimbanese had the unsettling ability to disappear in the mud and murk of their homeworld.

Biology and appearance[]

The Mimbanese, also known as the Mimbanites, were a sentient species native to the planet Mimban.[1] The Mimbanese had lurid, red skin, lidless blue eyes, and two row of short horns above their brows.[2] The Mimbanese had enhanced eyesight, adapted to the low light of their homes.[3] The Mimbanese had the unsettling ability to disappear in the mud and murk of their homeworld.[1]

Society and culture[]

The Mimbanese were one of several sentient species that inhabited Mimban.[1] The Mimbanese lived underground, and were experts in camouflage. The Mimbanese were both highly aggressive and highly intelligent,[3] being capable of creating improvised traps and covering themselves in mud for camouflage.[1]


"We needed a swamp native to interface with the Mimbanese."
Clone Captain Rex, to Hardcase[4]

Though the Mimbanese homeworld of Mimban was ignored by the greater galaxy for most of its history,[3] the Mimbanese eventually made contact with the Galactic Republic by the time of the High Republic Era.[5] During this time, several Mimbanese would go on to join the Nihil.[6]

During the Clone Wars, the Mimbanese allied themselves with the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic. Under the leadership of tribal leader Iasento, the Mimbanese organized a Liberation Army.[1] Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks was sent to help the 501st interface with the Mimbanese.[4] With aid from the Mud Jumpers of the Grand Army's 224th division, the Mimbanese fought the Confederacy of Independent Systems and were successful in repelling the Separatists from Mimban.[1]

Following the Republic's transformation into the Galactic Empire, the Mimbanese fought swamp troopers from the Empire's 224th Imperial Armored Division.[2]

Mimbanese in the galaxy[]

Iasento was a male Mimbanese tribal leader who helped to organize and lead the Mimbanese Liberation Army during the Clone Wars.[1] He would later lead the army against the Empire's forces during the Imperial Era.[2]

Waydurk[7] was a Mimbanese who joined the Cloud-Riders after seeing his homeworld become subjugated by the Empire.[2]

Kierah Koovah was a female Mimbanese who allied with the Galactic Republic during the Battle of Mimban during which she lost an arm. At one point she was equipped with a cybernetic replacement for the arm. Following the Battle of Endor, Koovah allied with the New Republic and became the leader of Vanguard Squadron, piloting a U-wing.[8]

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