Mind-witches were a humanoid vampire-like species who used Force illusions to fool their victims.[1] They had intense psychic abilities that they could augment with unique stone columns.[2] These unique near-Humans possessed potent mental abilities which they would use to probe the minds of other beings and see their desires. Once this was done, they developed a relationship with the individual at which point they developed a psychic link with the person. Through this link, they would create illusory environments which were highly desirable to the individual. This was done with only one purpose in mind: to leech the mental life energies of the person to replenish their own. Though they were usually powerful telepaths, some well skilled mind-witches also developed telekinetic powers.[3]

By the time of the Galactic Civil War, mind-witches were all but extinct. They were present in many tales around the galaxy, but their existence was thought to be a myth. The last known mind-witch was S'ybll, who tried to seduce Luke Skywalker. However, he was able to break through her illusions and escape.[3] S'ybll died when Luke drew his lightsaber to him and accidentally stabbed her.[2]

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The Essential Reader's Companion contains a dramatis personae for The Life of Luke Skywalker that lists "S'ybll, mind witch (human female)." In contrast to this claim that mind-witches were Human, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia states that mind-witches were a separate humanoid species.

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