"Mind Your Manners" is a short comic story that focuses on Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker's diplomatic mission to Sarka. It was published as the lead story of Star Wars Adventures Annual 2018 on April 18, 2018.[1] It was originally solicited as the lead story of Star Wars Adventures 4, but was changed out for "The Trouble at Tibrin" at the last minute.[3]

Plot summary[]

C-3PO and Luke Skywalker arrived at the planet, Sarka and descended down a large hole in the planet to where the Sarkans live. As they journeyed down, Skywalker accidently crash landed the starship. Skywalker went to the back of the ship to check on Princess Leia Organa. Organa had a meeting with the Sarkans to get their gems which could help the Alliance to Restore the Republic use their laser cannons. But Organa had twisted her ankle and had to rest. Because the Sarkans would cancel the meeting if she did not arrive on time, she employed Skywalker to do it for her. Skywalker was very hesitant on doing it but Organa ignored him and had C-3PO prepare him for the meeting.

After getting changed into the proper clothing, Skywalker and C-3PO went out to greet the queen. The queen's advisor, Lord Rooz introduced the off-worlders to the queen and the planet. Skywalker started to introduce himself but was stopped after because he kept his hat on afternoon, violating Sarkan tradition. Skywalker was asked to name all of his feats. Realizing that his only feat was destroying the First Death Star, he was encouraged by C-3PO to tell a long story about it.

Much later, everyone in the Palace of the Queen of the Sarkans fell asleep while listening to Skywalker's story. The Rooz told him to stop and to move on. He was then required to give a toast at the banquet and was warned to word it correctly.

At the banquet Skywalker prepared to give the toast even though he did not want to. Just outside the room, Rooz told a spy of the Galactic Empire that his master must know that the rebels are here to make sure that Sarka only sells its gems to the Empire.

Once Skywalker offered the toast to the Rebel Alliance and Sarka freedom, he drank. But he drank from the Sacred Chalice of the Caves which was seen as dreadful. Skywalker tried to tell everyone that he made a mistake, but they did not listen and he was dragged away and into prison.

At the prison, Skywalker was still confused about why he was through in there. Rooz told him that they should have sent Princess Organa instead of him because she would be harder to mess up. Skywalker asked what he meant by that. As Rozz walked away, he told him that he planned to make sure that Sarka stayed with the Empire and take the throne himself.

Back at their ship, Princess Organa was feeling better thanks to R2-D2's medkit. She decided to head off to go join Skywalker at the palace. But when she stepped outside the ship she was met by Rooz who ordered for her to be arrested.

Back at the palace, a maid found C-3PO in their closet. C-3PO told her that Lord Rooz had locked him in there after arresting Skywalker. C-3PO was worried that Rooz was going to interrogate him for information about the Rebellion. The maid didn't know anything about it and told him to mop her floor instead.

Meanwhile, Organa was outraged by what was going on. She asked Rooz who he was and he told her all that had happened. She did not believe that Skywalker committed a crime but Rooz did not care and ordered the guards to arrest her. But before they could, R2-D2 released fire retardant into the area that caused the guards to break down coughing. As Organa and R2 tried to escape they were stopped by two guards that R2 stunned with his arc welder. R2 and Princess Organa headed straight down the tunnel instead.

With little time to spare, Organa and R2 made their way through the tunnels until they reached the Sarkan gem mine. Organa was in awe at all the crystals. On of the miners asked who she was. Organa lied and told them that she was in inspector. She got on a skiff as Roo and his guards entered the mine. Organa surprised them by charging at the guards with the skiff and continuing on to find Skywalker.

At the prison, the Imperial spy told Skywalker that he planned to tell Darth Vader that he found Luke and the other rebels. Skywalker tricked the spy into opening a window, when Organa broke in and knocked the spy out. She broke Skywalker out of prison and they all sped off with R2-D2.

At the palace, C-3PO was cleaning and telling stories to Queen Zil when Organa and Skywalker came to finally meet her. But Rooz also got in and demanded that the queen arrest the off-worlders for their crimes. But Organa argued that they respected Sarkan culture by breaking traditions that the queen's ancestors had broken. She promised that the Rebel Alliance will respect the queen's ancestors.

Rooz believed those statements were nonsense which offended the queen. Rooz tried to apologize but Organa told her that he also planned to call the Empire without her authority. C-3PO also noticed that he was standing on the Sarkan royal seal which was the most offensive thing to do. The enraged queen ordered for Rooz to be arrested immediately. The Sarkans then agreed to help the Alliance.


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