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"Mindharp? What in the name of the Core is that?"
"Oh, just a ridiculous native superstition. There is supposed to be a lost magical artifact designed to call the Sharu—with whom the Toka identify in some strange fashion—to call the Sharu back when the Toka need them."
―Lando Calrissian and Osuno Whett[src]

The Mindharp was a fork-shaped tool about a meter in length, with a continually altering number of tines. According to legend, the Mindharp was the tool that the Toka could use to recall the Sharu. Legend says the Mindharp would call the Sharu back to aid the Toka in an emergency.

However, the true purpose of the Mindharp was to unlock the hidden knowledge of the Sharu and reestablish their intelligence networks which were hidden eons ago, awaiting the day when the danger of the Celestials had passed and they could reemerge. It was kept in a hidden chamber of the Great Pyramid accessible only to the Toka priests by use of a mystical key passed down through the generations. An entity inhabited the hall in which the Mindharp was kept, guarding and watching over the artifact.

The Mindharp of Sharu

Lando finds the Mindharp

The Mindharp was pursued by Lando Calrissian during the early years of the New Order, after he was set up by Osuno Whett to be the Bearer. The Mindharp was recovered, but it was taken into the possession of Duttes Mer, the governor of Rafa IV, who was in turn to provide the artifact to the Tund Sorcerer Rokur Gepta. However, Mer activated the Mindharp himself. Its subharmonic emanations set off cataclysmic changes in the Rafa system and restored the intelligence of the Toka which brought about the restoration of the Sharu civilization. At the same time, though, it altered the nature of the Rafa system completely and destroyed much of what had been built there since the time of the Sharu long ago.



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