A mindspear was a type of fiber-photon, dark-side-based biotechnological device that was developed by the Rakata and could be used to transfer memories into sentient individuals. At some point, agents of One Sith—a resurgent Sith Order—recovered a number of mindspears from Rakatan ruins in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. Some Sith scientists attempted to replicate the technology, but were unsuccessful, and the spears came to form the basis of a cloning program that was initiated by the Sith.

In 41.5 ABY, on the planet Korriban, the Sith Lord Darth Wyyrlok gave two mindspears to Nyss Nenn, an Umbaran Sith agent. On Wyyrlok's orders, Nenn awakened an Iteration, a clone of the Jedi Knight Jaden Korr, and used a mindspear to transfer some of Korr's memories into the clone. Nenn then placed the Iteration into a stasis field and set off to find the real Korr, planning to use the other mindspear to transfer Korr's consciousness into the Iteration, to allow the clone to replace Korr and infiltrate the Jedi Order. Nenn and the Iteration eventually encountered Korr inside a Rakatan construct in the Unknown Regions and the Iteration immobalized Korr, then transferred the Jedi's consciousness into the mindspear. However, Korr's Cerean Jedi apprentice Marr Idi-Shael confronted the clone and used the mindspear to transplant Korr's consciousness into the Iteration before the clone was ready to begin the process. The transfer was successful and the Iteration passed out, then re-awoke with Korr's memories inside its mind.


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