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" It's a trap! Mines!"
Colonel Jacen Solo, during the Battle of Gilatter VIII[src]

Imperial atmospheric mine

A mine was any explosive designed to be concealed and detonated whenever enemies were nearby. There were hundreds of different varieties of mine made by a variety of manufacturers.

Anti-personnel mines[]

There were several different types of anti-personnel mine. Most were triggered by physical pressure, such as a footstep. Other mines used a beam projector attached to a shaped charge that triggered when the beam was broken. Still other varieties used timers or motion sensors.

Known anti-personnel mine types[]

A laser trip mine

Anti-vehicular mines[]

Some varieties of anti-vehicular mine were triggered by similar methods as anti-personnel mines. However, many varieties contained circuitry that allowed them to distinguish between vehicles and infantry, allowing infantry to lure vehicles to their certain doom. E-mag mines detect repulsorlift fields and trigger in the presence of such a field. Many other mines used proximity mines, such as the variety placed in the Naboo waterways during the Battle of Naboo by the Trade Federation. Luke Skywalker later planted an anti-vehicle mine on an AT-AT during the Battle of Hoth, successfully destroying it.

Known anti-vehicular mine types[]

Sky mines[]

Long after the invention of terrestrial land mines, sky mines were developed. Some mines were stationary, held by in place by cables. Others, such as Arakyd's atmospheric mines drifted until they detected any enemy craft, which they then would pursue and attack. Wilhuff Tarkin was known to use mines of this variety in his attack on Zonama Sekot.

Known Sky mines[]

Moving mine[]

Some mines were capable of moving, probably by some sort of engine installed in them.

Space mines[]

Other mines[]



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