Minerax Consulting was a mining consulting company that operated during the last years of the Galactic Republic as well as the Age of the Empire. In 23 BBY, the industrialist Count Denetrius Vidian bought a secret stake in Minerax Consulting and used it to churn out reports which wiped out surface mining on Gorse and several worlds. These mining operations had been run by companies which had failed his inspection when Vidian was still known as Lemuel Tharsa, a lowly mining inspector. Vidian's actions bankrupted the Interstellar Thorilide Guild and benefited the interests of the comet-chaser industry, which he mostly controlled.[1]

Vidian rose to the position of Count under the Galactic Empire and became the Emperor's efficiency expert. About eleven years later, Vidian perpetuated the ruse that Lemuel Tharsa was a separate person. Using Tharsa's name, reputation, and position as Minerax's chief researcher, Vidian authored a fake report claiming that detonating Gorse's moon Cynda would not damage its thorilide crystals. This was part of a complex plot to frame his rival Baron Lero Danthe, the scion of a droid manufacturing firm. Lemuel's plot to destroy Cynda was foiled by the combined efforts of the rebels Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus, Skelly, Zaluna Myder, the Imperial Captain Rae Sloane, and Baron Danthe.[1]


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