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"We are a simple people. We trust easily, and we were betrayed."

The Ming Po were a species native to the planet Carlac.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Ming Po shared many physical traits with baseline Humans, sharing the same facial structure and features, as well as having two legs, and two arms with five-fingered hands.

Society and cultureEdit

The Ming Po were a peaceful and easily trusting people. They lived in simple villages on their snow-covered homeworld.


Around 21 BBY, during the Clone Wars, Pre Vizsla and his marauding Death Watch soldiers chose Carlac as their base of operations. They set up a rudimentary tent camp near a Ming Po town overseen by Chieftain Pieter. The Mandalorians raided the town for supplies, subjugated the townspeople and kidnapped the women of the town, including the chieftain's granddaughter, Tryla, to be servants in their camp. After the arrival of Lux Bonteri and Ahsoka Tano to deliver a transmission chip to the Death Watch in order to kill Dooku, Pieter arrived in the Death Watch's camp to voice his complaints with their dealings prior and demanded them to release their women the following morning. After agreeing to these terms, Pieter left. Death Watch honored their deal and came to the town to release the Ming Po women, only for Pre Vizsla to immediately kill the women and order for his men to destroy the town and proceeded to burn it to the ground, saying 'Welcome to Death Watch' to Lux Bonteri as it happened. The assault on the town was cut-short by Ahsoka who revealed herself to Death Watch as a Jedi.



Notes and referencesEdit

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