"You struck lucky this time, Fett! How much is this stuff worth? Biggest bounty you've ever had, I'll bet."

The Mingula was a ZZ-class freighter whose complete crew was killed by Ubuugan fleshborers during its journey from Ubuuga to Coruscant. The ship's final mission was the transportation of the body of Volpau, the recently deceased third cousin of Emperor Palpatine, to the Imperial capital to undergo ritual incineration. During this voyage, the Mingula also carried a massive cargo of vehicles and machinery, presumably the property of its late passenger.

Boba Fett discovered the seemingly abandoned freighter while en route to Coruscant with a captured bounty. Estimating its value at more than ten million Imperial credits, he decided to salvage as much of the cargo as he could. After his companion Tsumo was attacked and killed by a swarm of fleshborers, Fett was forced to flee. Using his flamethrower to protect himself from the deadly insects, he accidentally lit the ship's power cells. Fett was able to escape through the waste chute just before the whole freighter blew up.

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