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The Mini-Huvicko/Yuzabi Dowser binary hydromech droid, also known as the M-HYD, was a model of hydromech droid used to locate and harvest subterranean water sources and communicate with moisture vaporators. The model saw use on Tatooine when the captain of the Lucky Despot brought a shipment of them to the arid world. However, prospectors grew frustrated at the many failings of the model, and as a result, many units were abandoned. One such unit was M-HYD 6804, which became a mainstay in the hold of Chief Nebit's sandcrawler.

Functions and capabilities[]

The primary function of the fifth-degree Mini-Huvicko/Yuzabi Dowser binary hydromech droids,[1] also known as M-HYD,[2] was to divine and harvest water from subterranean caches. They counted amongst their features a retractable vertical sounding array, as well as a filtered moisture extractor that had the ability to funnel any sediment picked up through the model's top-mounted exhaust pipe. The droids were also able to perform rudimentary maintenance on GX-8 water vaporators. Their locomotion was particularly slow, however.[1]


Manufactured by Huvicko/Yuzabi, a shipment of Mini-Huvicko/Yuzabi Dowser binary hydromech droids was purchased at some stage by the captain of the Lucky Despot. The captain believed that a ripe place for business would be the arid world of Tatooine, as the moisture prospectors of the Jundland Wastes would want aid in their search for water catchtraps. However, the droid's lack of speed and its' sensor's inability to penetrate the magnetic disruptions of Tatooine's crust in the Jundland Wastes region led to widespread disenchantment amongst the prospectors. The "Prospector's Riot" ensued, in which the crew of the Lucky Despot and the locals clashed over the quality of the Mini-Huvicko/Yuzabi Dowser binary hydromech droid. Legal fees and court orders followed, and by the end of the dispute, the captain of the Lucky Despot was bankrupted.[1]

Mini-Huvicko/Yuzabi Dowser binary hydromech droids in the galaxy[]

One of the Lucky Despot droids, M-HYD 6804, was abandoned by its owner when Tusken Raiders struck. The Tuskens stripped it of its water cache, and partially dismantled the unit before it was salvaged by Jawas operating under Chief Nebit.[1] 6804 was able to speak a variety of languages, but preferred to converse in binary only. It also specialized in working with load lifters.[2] It spent the rest of its days in the hold of Nebit's Sandcrawler, which was destroyed by Imperial Stormtroopers who were looking for the droids C-3PO and R2-D2.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Mini-Huvicko/Yuzabi Dowser binary hydromech droid first appeared, unnamed, in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. It was later identified as an M-HYD "Binary" Droid in the "A New Hope Limited" set of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. In 2007, the droid model was elaborated on by Edward M. Erdelac (writing as "caledre,") through StarWars.com's Hyperspace feature, "What's The Story?" Erdelac's inspiration for the failed enterprising of the Lucky Despot came from an account of an 1830s business man who had invested all of his money into selling a shipload of rice in San Fransisco, but was ruined when the market was glutted by ships from China. Erdelac also made a variety of Expanded Universe references in his entry, including the Lucky Despot from Galaxy Guide 7: Mos Eisley, and Huvicko from Coruscant and the Core Worlds.[3]



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