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The Mining Collective was a mining firm and an extension of the criminal Red Key Raiders that existed in the galaxy by 4 ABY.


The Mining Collective made use of enforcers who wore uniforms made up mostly of shades of brown. They also wore helmets and were armed with blaster rifles. During their occupation of Mos Pelgo, the Collective made use of a camtono to store valuables and a landspeeder.[1]

They were vicious in their methodology, as evidenced by their enforcers' casual slaughtering of unarmed bar patrons in Mos Pelgo without provocation. In addition, they also made use of slave labor, being willing to turn the town into a slave camp.[1]


Occupation of Mos Pelgo[]

In the year 4 ABY,[3] as a result of the death of crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure[4] and the withdrawal of the Imperial Military, a power vacuum opened up on the Outer Rim desert planet of Tatooine. Seeking to take advantage of this, the Mining Collective,[1] an extension of the Red Key Raiders,[2] arrived in the small town of Mos Pelgo the very night they celebrated the Imperial withdrawal.[1]

Mining Collective enforcers

Collective enforcers entered the town's cantina and opened fire on its customers, though[1] Sheriff[4] Cobb Vanth and the bartender, Taanti, escaped. As he fled, Vanth stole a camtono of silicax oxalate crystals from a Collective transport, but the rest of Mos Pelgo's population were forced into slavery overnight. The firm's occupation weakened the town, but it only lasted a few days, as Vanth used the crystals to buy a set of Mandalorian armor from Jawas. Now donning this gear, which had once belonged to[1] legendary bounty hunter[5] Boba Fett, the sheriff returned to the town to liberate it. Entering the same cantina, he killed all Collective members inside before leaving the building. Seeing another team of Collective members attempt to flee on a landspeeder, Vanth fired the rocket on the armor's jetpack, which took out the vehicle and its occupants.[1]


Vanth continued to defend Mos Pelgo with the armor, fighting enemies ranging from the Red Key Raiders[6] to Tusken Raiders. Later, during a quest to kill a massive krayt dragon, Vanth reflected on his battle against the Collective to Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin.[1]



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