"Those TIEs have been modified. They're not Imperial."
"Well, they're acting like it."
Sabine Wren and Kanan Jarrus upon seeing Mining Guild TIE fighters[src]

Mining Guild guards protected the interests of the Mining Guild, including refineries and spacial territory. In addition to acting as ground troops for Mining Guild establishments, the guards were also qualified to pilot Mining Guild TIE fighters which enforced the guild's whims.

In the years before the Galactic Civil War, Mining Guild guards were present on a guild owned Clouzon-36 refinery located in an asteroid belt when a band of rebels called the Spectres attacked the refinery in an attempt to steal fuel. With the help of the native purrgil, who had been devouring the Clouzon-36 gases and thus causing problems for the refinery, the rebels defeated the base's defenses and destroyed the refinery. Mining Guild TIE fighters later encountered the same rebels at the Sereeda Waypoint and were promptly destroyed by the rebels.


"These creatures have eaten enough of our fuel. I don't want to hear our cannons stop firing until all of those things are dead."
―Yushyn orders Mining Guild guards to kill purrgil[src]

The Mining Guild guard[3] was a security force used by the Mining Guild in the years before the Galactic Civil War. The guards protected guild interests, including guild controlled space and refineries. Armed with E-11 blaster rifles, guards wore bright-blue uniforms with yellow stripes on the sleeves, pant legs, and torso. The Mining Guild emblem was located on the chest area. Guards also wore yellow and blue helmets with opaque green visors.[1]

At guild refineries, the guards acted as ground troops, enforcing Mining Guild whims with force. In order to protect guild controlled territory, the guards flew modified TIE/ln space superiority starfighters[1] which were simply referred to as Mining Guild TIE fighters,[4] which were identifiable by their modified solar panels and yellow color schemes.[1]

Two locations that the guards patrolled were the Sereeda Waypoint near the planet Yarma[2] and a Clouzon-36 gas refinery located on a planetoid located within an asteroid belt. The guards present at the refinery consisted entirely of members of the Rodian species, who were in turn commanded by the refinery boss Yushyn.[1]


Rebel heistEdit

"Surrender, thieves! You are at my mercy!"
―Yushyn orders the rebels to surrender.[src]
Yushynn and MG Guards

Mining Guild guards on the Clouzon-36 asteroid refinery

During the year 3 BBY[source?] the Mining Guild asteroid refinery was plagued by a space-faring species known as the purrgil. The purrgil ate the natural Clouzon-36 gas, as it allowed them to travel through hyperspace. However in doing so the purrgil inhibited the guild's mining operation. In response to the purrgil, Boss Yushyn ordered the Mining Guild guards under his command to eliminate the purrgil in their entirety. A pair of Rodian guards set up a blaster cannon on a tripod and carried out the order by trying to blast the purrgil as they ate up the gas.[1]

While the guards dealt with the purrgil, Mining Guild TIE fighters that had been patrolling the the asteroid belt encountered the starship Ghost, which belonged to a band of rebels referred to as the Spectres. A dogfight ensued which saw two of the guild pilots perish. As it happened, the Ghost was low on power and fuel, and as such the crew let the remaining TIE fighter escape in order to conserve power. In search of resources, however, the Ghost followed the guild TIE back to the refinery. Upon arriving, the rebels attempted to abduct Clouzon-36 gas for themselves. During the heist, Yushyn and several Mining Guild guards cornered rebel Ezra Bridger. Yushyn ordered the rebels to stand down, but with the help of the purrgil the Ghost crew managed to turn the tables. The Ghost received the supplies it needed, the remaining TIE fighters were destroyed, and Yushyn was dragged away by a purrgil. Despite the efforts of the guards, the refinery was ultimately destroyed by the rebels.[1]

Skirmish at the Sereeda WaypointEdit

Later during the year 2 BBY,[source?] Mining Guild starfighters encountered the crew of the Ghost again in the Sereeda Waypoint. The rebels were en route to the planet Yarma on a mission to scout out the Galactic Empire's salvage yard at Reklam Station. However, in order to reach Yarma the rebels had to pass through Mining Guild territory. After dropping out of hyperspace in a vessel called the Phantom, the rebels were immediately intercepted by an Aurore class frieghter that was flanked by two Mining Guild TIE fighters. The captain of the larger ship attempted to communicate with the rebels, but upon being ignored the guild fighters sprung into action. The skirmish was swiftly brought to an end when the Phantom destroyed the fighter escorts.[2]

As it happened, Bridger was aboard the Phantom, and felt it wise that the unarmed Mining Guild ship be destroyed with its fighters. However, his crew mates rejected the idea and the rebels continued to Yarma, leaving the remaining Mining Guild vessel intact.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Mining Guild guards first appeared in "The Call," an episode of the Star Wars Rebels television series.[1] They were not identified as such until the guards were included in the virtual card trading game Star Wars: Card Trader.[3]



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