The incumbent Minister of Intelligence during the Galactic War

Minister of Intelligence was the highest position a non-Sith member of the Sith Empire could achieve within the Imperial Intelligence agency. As Minister, an individual headed up the largest espionage and intelligence agency in the galaxy under the directives of the Sith Lords of the Dark Council. In spite of this, however, the Minister possessed a certain degree of autonomy, able to retain total control of his or her organization, so long as it represented Sith interests.


The Minister of intelligence was the historic position given to the director of the agency. For centuries, the ministers were known for running the bureaucracy with the utmost efficiency.

A man served in this position during the Cold War, operating under the supervision of Dark Council member Darth Jadus and later his daughter, Darth Zhorrid. The spymaster known as Keeper served beneath the Minister of Intelligence as the head of Operations Division and was eventually promoted to the position himself.

However, in light of the recent Star Cabal crisis and the ensuing closure of the organization in 3641 BBY, the position of minister was abolished, the new Sith Intelligence instead reporting directly to the Dark Council.



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