The Minister of State was a position in the Old Republic, Rebel Alliance, New Republic and the Galactic Alliance. The Minister of State was a simultaneous Chief Minister and Foreign Minister (though not the head of government) and was head of the Ministry of State and the General Ministry. Most likely the succeeding title to the Secretary of the Cabinet. The Minister was appointed by the Chief of State, and answered to the Chief. If the Chief of State was unable to discharge his/her duties, the Minister of State was a possible choice to replace the Chief.

Leia Organa Solo was the first Minister of State, under Mon Mothma. Carlist Rieekan, Q-Varx, and Mokka Falanthas served as Ministers of State under Organa, during her subsequent tenure as Chief of State. It appears that Borsk Fey'lya never appointed one under his term, but Releqy A'Kla was Minister of State under Cal Omas during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Ancient Onderon also had a Minister of State, with similar functions. Novar served as King Ommin's Minister of State. Minister of State and Deputy Minister of State were important positions in the Imperial Remnant's government.

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