The Ministry of Intelligence was one of three main divisions of the reconstituted Sith Empire. The Ministry of Intelligence answered to the Sphere of Imperial Intelligence. Headed by the Minister of Intelligence, the Ministry was responsible for providing information and sowing disinformation as necessary. The largest organ of the Ministry was Imperial Intelligence. It served as the Empire's primary covert intelligence and counter intelligence service. Its day-to-day operations were headed by the Keeper who also ran Imperial Intelligence's Operations Division. Under Keeper were Watchers, charged with running field agents, Cipher Agents, the top tier of field agents, Fixers, technical agents, and the Minders, the internal security and secret police force. A second apparatus of the Ministry of Intelligence was the Outreach Bureau. The Bureau's purpose was to inform citizens of the daily news of the galaxy. More often than not, the Bureau reported facts as suited the Empire and produced copious amounts of propaganda praising the Empire and casting the Republic as evil.

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