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The Ministry of Logistics was a division of the Sith Empire, one that fell under the Sphere of Production and Logistics.


The ministry was controlled by the Minister of Logistics who technically answered to the Sphere of Production and Logistics though he would also at times report to other councilors, such as the one who oversaw the Sphere of Defense of the Empire if it referred to a military issue. Though seen by some as the lowest of the Ministries, it was also the most vital. The ministry provided calculations to fend off enemy troops, logistical necessities of fleets and ground forces, and financial concerns of a war. Industries are nationalized the Ministry manages the factories who produce the weapons for the Empire's war machine. Along with this are agricultural worlds that are used for the food supplies of the Imperial military. The Ministry also supervised the Empire's slave labor and makes adjustments where necessary to complete building projects and run various industries. Added to this, the ministry runs the Empire's civilian transportation and trade network ensuring the transit of goods in the Empire. It was also responsible for the public transit on the capital planet of Dromund Kaas. At the time of the Cold War, the public transports were only available to the citizens of the Empire, and the Ministry was tasked with delivering the proper passes. Its office was located in Hub 3 of Kaas City.


During the Cold War, they brought in Chiss agents on loan from the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force to aid their military campaigns against the Galactic Republic on Hoth. This aid consisted of cold weather training and equipment to better aid the Imperial military forces on the frozen world. The Minister of Logistic was Shullis Khamarr.

At this time, the Ministry reported to Imperial Intelligence that they were unable to prevent the broadcast being made by the terrorist known as the Eagle. As a result, everyone within the Sith Empire witnessed the message being projected by the dissident.

After a rakghoul plague outbreak on Tatooine, the Imperial News Network informed the citizens of the Empire of a travel ban with the Ministry advising when this would expire issuing the Imperial Edict 1968Z, authorizing all Imperial personnel with terminating anyone that was infected by the rakghouls or were carriers of the disease.

According to Lana Beniko, the Ministry of Logistics was the only department of the Imperial government functional enough to negotiate and implement the Empire's surrender to the Eternal Empire of Zakuul after the abrupt end of the Galactic War. By this point, most of the Dark Council were either dead or missing, and none of the remaining Darths or Ministries were willing to accept responsibility for the surrender. As it was the Ministry of Logistics was under his Sphere, Vowrawn was forced to personally represent the Sith before the Eternal Throne.

Shortly thereafter, Darth Acina declared herself Empress of the Sith and assumed control of the imperial government. Under her regime, Gelmid Lorman served as Minister of Logistics. In 3630 BBY, Lorman greeted The Outlander, Lana Beniko and Theron Shan upon their arrival on Dromund Kaas. Lorman secretly conspired with Leontyne Saresh to assassinate the Outlander and Empress Acina, but the pair successfully thwarted the plot.



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