The Ministry of War was one of three pillars of the government of the Sith Empire.

The Ministry of War was charged with operating all elements of the Imperial Military and was led by a Minister of War. Under the Minister were moffs who ensured that military order was maintained. Though the Minister answered to all members of the Dark Council, the Ministry worked particularly close with the spheres of Defense of the Empire, Military Offense, and Military Strategy.

The Imperial Navy was one of the ministry's chief concerns. In the aftermath of the Great Galactic War, the Ministry worked to rebuild the Sith armada. It was able to replace many of its older weapons with new and improved armaments. The Ministry is also responsible for the Imperial Army, the Empire's ground forces. Other areas of the Ministry's responsibilities were soldier deployments, combat tactics, special forces, black ops missions and the general strategy of the war. The Ministry ensured all Spheres of Influence were appropriately garrisoned with military forces as one of their chief responsibilities.

The Ministry's mercenary recruitment division appropriately employed talented freelance professionals for Imperial service.[1]


Galactic WarEdit

In 3641 BBY when the machinations of the Star Cabal led to the dismantling of the Operations Division of Imperial Intelligence, Ministry of War personnel led by Lord Razer entered Imperial Intelligence headquarters in the Citadel to ensure the transfer of assets to the Sith and military.[2]

During the Battle of Corellia, the Ministry offered a bounty for the elimination of members of the Green Jedi Enclave and their Republic affiliates.[3]



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