"We can't hold out any longer without aid…if we don't get it, none of the Rebels in the Cantros systems…will live long enough to see the Emperor's defeat."
―Minka to Leia Organa[1]

Minka was a Cantrosian female who served as a starfighter pilot in a Cantrosian faction loyal to the Rebel Alliance. In 4 ABY, she became embroiled in a conspiracy in her home system and fought alongside the heroes of the Rebellion against a suspected Imperial cell. She learned that one of her closest allies was manipulating the situation and that their supposed enemies were in fact loyal to the Rebellion. After the traitor was arrested, Minka and her companion Sami sought to repair relations among their people and find a common ground between them.


Early life and a brush with death[]

"The three of you seem to know so much about how the final battles with the Empire went…"
―Minka, to the heroes of the Rebellion[1]

Minka screaming as her X-wing sustains critical damage

A Cantrosian[2] female, Minka was born in the capital of the[1] Outer Rim[3] world of Cantros 7. At some point in her adult life, she joined a faction of her people who were loyal to the Rebel Alliance and met fellow Cantrosians Sami and local intelligence network co-ordinator Durne.[1]

In 4 ABY,[4] while on a mission to reach the nearest Rebellion outpost, Minka's X-wing starfighter came under fire from Y-wings piloted by Cantrosians from an opposing faction that she believed to be loyal to the Galactic Empire based on reports from Durne's spies. Her wingmates were killed, and her own starfighter was damaged. She crashed on the planet Saijo shortly after contacting the local control tower; her distress call was heard by Rebellion heroes Leia Organa, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker, who flew to her aid and neutralized the Y-wings. Taken to a medcenter, Minka was shocked to learn that, despite Durne's reports, Emperor Palpatine was dead, and that the Empire had been considered defeated for some time.[1]

Minka, Rebel hero[]

"Go on, Durne. Tell me how glad you are to see me now!"
―Minka calls out Durne[1]

Minka at a medcenter on Saijo

Minka took the Rebels to an asteroid in the Cantros system where her Rebellion-loyal faction was based, and introduced them to her comrades, including Sami and Durne. Bemused at Solo's assertion that there had been no Imperial activity in the Saijo sector for some time, Minka and Sami traveled with the heroes of the Rebellion aboard Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon, to the base planet of the alleged Imperial cell. More Cantrosian Y-wings appeared and damaged the Falcon, forcing the ship to land in a gully. Skywalker used the Force to levitate Organa and Minka out of the gully, but he, Sami, and Solo were all captured by the rival faction led by the Cantrosian Niru.[1]

Despite Minka's desire to help them, she and Organa stayed low, waiting as they observed the situation to make sure they chose the right time to take action. Discovering that Durne[1]—who had been hired by Nagai commander Knife to sow discord in the Cantros system[5]—had been manipulating tensions between the factions, all of whom in fact supported the Rebellion, Minka and Organa leapt into action to apprehend him. The members of the faction, suspecting the intruders to be Imperials, opened fire. Minka returned fire while keeping her blaster set to stun; however, the members of the faction were calmed by Niru. Durne attempted to shoot her, but was incapacitated by Skywalker. With Durne now in custody and his treachery exposed, Minka and Sami introduced themselves to their fellow Rebels and sought to establish a common ground.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Oh, Leia, we've got to go back down and help them."
―Minka to Leia Organa[1]

Minka firing her blaster

Minka was loyal to the Rebel Alliance, to the point of considering her wingmates' sacrifices worthwhile if it would lead to intervention from the heroes of the Rebellion, and the end of Imperial activity in Cantrosian systems. She cared deeply for Sami, who referred to her as "Darling." When Sami, Solo, and Skywalker were captured by Niru's faction, Minka felt distressed and wanted to assist them. Minka had light green eyes and orange-colored fur, and hair of the same hue run through with lighter streaks.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

Minka was an expert pilot, being able to survive a heavy-fire environment while her wingmates were killed. She was also proficient in using a blaster.[1]


Minka wore a dark blue jumpsuit with black boots, and carried a black blaster pistol. She also piloted an X-wing starfighter.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Minka appeared in the Marvel Comics issue Star Wars 93,[1] which was released on December 18, 1984[6] and written by Mary Jo Duffy. In the comic, Minka was drawn by Sal Buscema.[1] Minka's entry in the 2008 The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia erroneously states that she was one of the few pilots to survive the Empire's attack on Cantros,[7] despite the fact that Star Wars 93 establishes there was no Imperial activity in the Cantros system.[1] The entry also[7] erroneously[1] states that Minka was a member of the Rebel Alliance.[7]


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