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Minntooine was an Outer Rim Territories waterworld located in the Calamari sector. It was one of several worlds settled by the Quarren species of the planet Dac. During the Clone Wars, Minntooine hosted a population of Quarren who had been exiled from Dac and allied itself with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. At shipyards maintained on Minntooine, the Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps subsequently constructed warships for the Confederacy.


A remote aquatic world,[2] Minntooine was located in the Minntooine system, a part of the Calamari sector in the Slice portion of the Outer Rim Territories. It was connected via hyperlanes to the Eridicon and Poseidenna systems. In addition, the hyperspace route known as the Minntooine Spur linked the world to the Calamari system and the Giblim Route connected it to the Tion Hegemony's Dellalt system.[1]


After members of the Mon Calamari species of the planet Dac settled several worlds in what would eventually become known as Mon Calamari Space between 4400 BBY and 4200 BBY, another of Dac's sentient species, the Quarren, feared being left behind in space colonization. In response, the latter also settled several planets, including the uninhabited Minntooine.[1]

During the Clone Wars, warships such as Recusant-class light destroyers were constructed at shipyards on Minntooine.

During the Clone Wars of 22 BBY19 BBY, the Quarren worlds of the Calamari sector,[1] including Minntooine,[4] followed the lead of Dac's Quarren Isolation League and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[1] Minntooine came to be governed by a Separatist junta,[2] and a large segment of the world's population consisted of radical Quarren who had been exiled from Dac.[4]

Minntooine became the site of the shipyards used by the[3] Quarren-dominated[1] Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps. There, Quarren starshipwrights constructed warships for the Separatist war effort, leading to Minntooine being an important world for the species.[3] The Recusant-class light destroyer[5] Patriot Fist, built at some point by the time of the Clone Wars' Battle of Coruscant, was[2] one of the ships[3] that Minntooine's Quarren radicals aided the world's government in constructing.[2]

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Minntooine was first mentioned in Curtis Saxton's 2005 reference book, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Incredible Cross-Sections.[6] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed it in grid square T-6.[1]


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