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The Minos Cluster (pronounced /'maɪ.nʊs/) was a star cluster and sector located within the Outer Rim region of the galaxy. Over 70 planets within the cluster were suitable for life including Haven, Karideph, Onadax, Adarlon, Eliad, Gesaril, Pergitor, Quockra-4, Shesharile, Teh'Jar II, and Yelsain. The cluster also included the Mestra and Travnin systems.


In 3653 BBY, the Sith Empire's offensive against the Galactic Republic in the Minos Cluster ended, according to a report given to the Galactic Senate just before the Sacking of Coruscant.[4]

Under the Galactic Empire, the Minos Cluster was treated as a sector, with a Moff based on Travnin serving as its governor; however the sector fleet that was assigned to the cluster was small, centered around a single aging Victory I-class Star Destroyer, The Chariot. It had a reputation as being a good place for those on the run from the Empire to hide.

Tri-Nebula Entertainment was based in the Minos Cluster.[5] Babel Torsch was the head of the Imperial Customs office for the cluster.

During the Galactic Civil War, the moon Haven served as the site of the Rebel Alliance's primary resistance center in the Minos Cluster.[6]

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"Minos Cluster" was first pronounced in Timeline 6: Onslaught of the Sith Empire.



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