This article is about a statue on Godo. You may be looking for Ulaha Kore, who went by the callsign Minstrel.

The Minstrel was a statue from the planet Godo. Originally a piece of the House of the Goddess, the statue, and the Dancing Goddess were both stolen from the building. The two statues' absence from the building caused the Godoan's to suffer from a strange techno-virus. Eventually, the Minstrel and Dancing Goddess came into the possession of Lando Calrissian after he won them in a card game. Following this, the statues became incredibly valued to Lemo and Sanda's gang, apparently the center of an elaborate plot that the gang had formed. The gang eventually obtained the Minstrel from Calrissian during an encounter with the gang on Arcan IV. However, one of the gang, Dafi had an adverse reaction to the statue, becoming incredibly drawn to it, and she claimed the statue for herself, even attacking her own gang when they came near her.

However, a short time after the Battle of Endor, the gang had apparently been able to wrest the artifact away from Dafi, as it was kept within the confines of their den on Arcan IV. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker were able to get the Minstrel from the gang in turn for helping release the two criminals from prison. Both the Minstrel and the Dancing Goddess were returned to the House of the Goddess, eliminating the horrible disease.



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