Mir Tork was an Imperial admiral and commander of the infamous Azgoghk, an Imperial death ship created for the sole purpose of exterminating alien species.


Tork took to his job with terrifying enthusiasm, often killing entire "pens" himself with no warning or hesitation. Along with his science officer, Leonis Murthé, Tork believed strongly in the Emperor's New Order and a galaxy populated only by Humans.

A surviving Gulmarid named Slique Brighteyes hired Boba Fett to kill Tork and Murthé in the years after the Battle of Endor. Fett did so on Malicar 3 after shooting down and infiltrating the Azgoghk. When confronted by Fett, Tork threatened to set off the ship's self-destruct device but Fett shrugged and left, promising to catch Tork at a later time. Furious at his bluff being called, Tork demanded that Fett return—which he did, and shot Tork dead.



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