"I died centuries ago. What you see here is a reconstruction. The Bar'leth Ascendant Sanctum at its best. One of my last happy memories before the Sith killed us all. This is how I wanted us to be remembered. I preserved this moment in the Spark so I wouldn't lose it. My knowledge…this copy of my consciousness…it's all in here."

Miril was a Chadra-Fan female[2] who was the leader of the Ascendant,[4] a cult obsessed with replicating the effects of the Force.[5] Centuries before 4 ABY,[1] Miril was present at the[2] Unyielding Heart, the main temple of the Ascendant that was located underneath the future University of Bar'leth on the[6] planet[7] Bar'leth when the Ascendant were slaughtered by the Sith. During the slaughter, Miril gave her life to prevent the Sith from acquiring the Spark Eternal by sealing it away within the temple.[2]

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